Interested in ancient wisdom clues for Chicago and Nation to discern “what is most important” on how to reduce crime in our Nation?

Two Clues in Chicago Tribune

 1. Letters: If we properly fund manufacturing training programs in the Chicago area, everyone wins,”

2. Article titled: “Column: Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s plan to seize property from gang members is great if you like terrible ideas”

The Purpose of This Post 

Is to relate ancient wisdom observation sayings, and a contemporary idiom, to help interested readers to discern the clues that would reduce crime based on this following statement in the tow articles.

“You think I want to be doing this? I wake up every day and expect I’m going to get shot. I hate this, but I have felony convictions and an X on my back and can’t get a job. Nobody will hire me, and I have kids to feed. So, what am I supposed to do?”

“It’s estimated that as many as 58,000 jobs in the Chicago region in manufacturing are going unfilled. What Huppke asks for is already in embryo. “

King Solomon – Excerpt of Explanation of Following Ancient Wisdom Sayings:

Sometimes you must gaze upon details for a time in order to better comprehend a problem.

Gaze not overmuch, and let thy vision be dimmed.

“My saying means that sometimes we need to study the details of a problem closely in order to find a solution. Your saying states that if you look at a problem too closely for too long, you may become distracted in meaningless details and fail to comprehend what is most important.”

Idiom – Don’t Sue Unless You Can Collect the Judgment

Meaning “Winning a small claims court case is exhilarating, but it’s only half of the battle. You’ve got to be able to collect on the judgment.

What’s My Point?

While both articles contain two clues that are partially wise and truthful, what is needed is wisdom to discern the reality of a third clue.

In My Opinion

Our political leaders have never been taught ancient wisdom how to discern the clues which both articles contain.

While it is true that many people engage in crime because they cannot obtain livable wage jobs. Yet it is also true that many people engage in crime because it is more profitable than working for either slave or livable wage jobs.

In my opinion, if our political leaders had been taught to understand ancient wisdom, they would be able to discern the wisdom advice in the above sayings.

For example, anyone who understands the history of Chicago knows the reason why it lost millions of manufacturing jobs is because of the Chicago Mayor’s head tax imposed on manufacturers who reacted by moving out of Chicago, and later our national leader’s folly led manufacturing jobs to be outsourced to global sources.

In my opinion, crime would be reduced in Chicago if manufacturing jobs instead of recreational facilities were located in the neighborhoods.

And in my opinion, if gang leaders were sued and lost the main reason why they engage in crime which is to profit, it would reduce the motive to engage in crime.

Also in my opinion, the third clue is both political leaders and residents in Chicago were for the most part never taught religious values and morals of wisdom and love which have been available for over 2000 years in the Bible. Unfortunately, this wisdom has been prohibited to be taught in public secular schools.

And if   both the present political leaders and criminals’ population in Chicago would have been discerned long ago instead of what the columnist commented:

“There’s no quick fix to this city’s violence problem. (I’ve written that line approximately 18 billion times.)

“The only path forward involves investing money and resources in places many Chicagoans choose to ignore. And the only fix involves taking time to repair lives and neighborhoods unfairly broken by a system that keeps recycling the same dumb ideas and thinking they’ll finally work.”

Unfortunately, the writer does not understand ancient wisdom and is repeating the same follies of not discerning the reality of the above wisdom sayings. He along with the political leaders’ we voters elected, probably because they too were never taught to discern the wisdom and love available in the Bible.  because of a Supreme Court ruling that forbids religion to be taught in public secular schools.

If Interested

Read the Source Links below

You Decide

If after reading, would you agree, with the writer’s problem that even though after,”18 billion times”, the problem no one listens to him about this issue of crime, is because both he and our political leaders having never been taught how to discern wisdom and love and instead,“keeps recycling the same dumb ideas and thinking they’ll finally work.”

Would school vouchers help to reduce crime in the future by allowing parents so they can choose to send their children to private religious schools to learn how to discern wisdom and love in the Bible instead of repeating “the same dumb ideas and thinking they’ll finally work.”

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