Interested in more clues to what is lacking by foolish leaders in our in USA Congress?

In Post One, I stated: “I will relate the news article titled: Chipmaker Intel set to build 20 billion Dollar Plant in Ohio, provides the first major clue example of USA folly of USA our sad Father (Government Leaders) leaders that caused grief in our mothers (USA Nation)

I received a comment which pointed to the same clue mentioned in today’s Chicago Tribune – AP article about China political leadership which is wiser than our present Congress leadership.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient wisdom view to what is lacking in USA Congress foolish leadership that led to the belief that the USA would be more prosperous as a service Nation.

This folly in turn led to the demise of manufacturing in the USA, which led to our Nation loss of manufacturing jobs, skills, technology, and equipment, to become dependent on global sources for essential goods and services.

King Solomon – Excerpt BUT: Rehoboam was foolish.

(8) “But he forsook the counsel of the elders which they had given him, and consulted with the young men who grew up with him and served him.” He wouldn’t become a servant, but he would only listen to those who served him.

Clues –

Excerpt Comment by Doug in Post Titled: Warehouse Boom = Mfg. Bust

“To meet domestic strategic needs”

Excerpt Comment in Chicago Tribune – AP Joe McDonald Article titled: China Sports Tougher Stance

The ruling party its more assertive stance in 2012, the year Xi took power, in a document that called for “more strategic rights,” military status and a bigger global role.”

What’s My Point?

In the USA, to lure manufacturing back to the USA now requires that taxpayer funds be allocated to industry.

For example, the Intel chip factory will receive a govermentt grant to built in Ohio as part of the 52 billion dollars funded in Bidens Unfrastructure Bill.

In other words, my point is Congress did not listen to wise counsel to warn of the consequences of unrestricted outsourcing of manufacturing which would have prevented the USA from becoming dependent for ”essencial domestic strategic needs” as evidenced by the negative trade balance of payments of the USA.

In My Opinion

If we look at the list of Congressional Communities in our past of present Congress, there is not one committee that focus on strategic planning needs of manufacturing in the USA.

Excerpt = US Chamber of Commerce _ “Other nations have manufacturing strategies. We should have one as well.”

In other words, as evidenced in the news article, China leadership is wiser than USA Congressional leadership because they make strategic long-range plans in their Nation which is lacking by Congressional leaders in the USA.

In My Next Post

Is will provide more clues and examples of How the USA leaders became fools because they did not listen and as a result were not wise enough to understand the need for strategic planning as depicted in the above cartoon.

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Excerpt – US Chamber of Commerce

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Excerpt Comment USA Warehouse Boom = Mfg. Bust? 

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