What is the core real-real reason why Chicago Public Schools are losing students from 600 to 300 thousand and private Parochial Schools are closing down, and crime is on the rise?

The Chicago Tribune article titled: The Real Reason Why Public Schools are losing students, gave an opinion of various factors but overlooked the core reason which is …………?

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient wisdom proverb, an idiom, along with articles for interested readers to decide the real- real reason.

King Solomon

Know the state of your flocks, and put your heart into caring for your herds, (Proverb 27:23)

Idiom – Build it and they will come

 The meaning of “if you build it, they will come” is that if you put the time into making your dreams a reality, people will start flocking towards it, and you will be rewarded for the hard work you put in. It’s most commonly used in the business world, where people have a business idea. (Yahoo)

What’s My Point?

Chicago and every urban area in our Nation are victims of the most foolish leadership rule taught in Purchasing 101.

That is never to have one single source for vital goods and services/

In My Opinion

The clue to the biggest folly of USA legislative leadership was to not understand the meaning of King Solomons advice in the above proverb.

While the proverb pertains to flocks and herds which 3000 years ago was the main source for vital goods and services, in our contemporty times, with the advent of science e and technology.

Uunderstanding the industrial revolution and medical science developed to become the vital source of employment in urban areas. The areas now with the highest crime rates and hopelessness described by the Chicago Tribune article.

The Idiom is a clue to the main reason why Chicago developed and attracted industry and in essance brought about population growth of families and children who worked instead of received government subsidies for their family’s population growth and hopes for their children’s future.

In other words, the decisions made by USA legislative leaders  to allow massive  USA technology to be outsourced to global suppliers for vital goods and services is missing from the article.

Granted globalism added different types of growth and profitable enterprises and service in the USA.

However, if our leaders had been wise and understood the basic rules and pitfalls taught in Purchasing 101, the massive loss of employment opportunism was folly.

For example, the Covid pandemic brought to light that the USA need to rely on global sources because 90 percent of vital protective medical supplies were outsourced.

As for technology being outsourced, the majority of technology developed in the USA was paid for by taxpayers because Corporations were allowed to deduct the costs for development from their taxes on profits.

 Sadly, if Congress had listened and discern the advices of King Solomon, a billionaire, and a wise Purchasing Agent, along with millions of people warnings which were set aside because of legislators’ belief that the USA industry would never return.

In other words, we voted for leaders who made the same mistakes as the son of King Solomon made which resulted in his Kingdom split in two.

Rehoboam forsook the counsel of the old men because he thought it was foolish and because he had no clue how to lead and assumed that because he was king, he could do whatever he liked with the people”

If Interested

Read the Source Links Below. Keep in mind the article about the West Side of Chicago is now one of the most violent areas in Chicago.

You Decide

If after reading, did the writer of the Chicago Tribune article overlook the real- real core reason why Chicago Schools have decreased?

Would return manufacturing jobs instead of warehouses to stock up on imprted goods in the heart of Chicago be an incentive to return to Chicago, which is in essence over time in history, the reason for many population to move to Chicago instead move outn growth?

Regards and goodwill blogging

Source Links

Chicago Tribune February 4, 2022


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