Interested in more clues in this post series to help wise up politicians in Washington DC on this issue of manufacturing of vital components and services for our Nation?

New news articles about vital components such as chips are causing domestic auto plants layoffs. The USA produced 62 percent of worlds chips has been reduced to 12 percent. The House passed an Act to approve 52 billion to subsidized chip manufacturing in USA.

Add today’s Chicago Tribune articles Mars Wrigley closing marks not to sweet end to Chicago’s run-on candy making., reported these excerpt s statement:

“Chicago is about to lose a piece of industrial history…. But the neighborhoods that have lost the most industrial jobs, … some of the neighborhoods with the highest crime rates…. heavily African American South Side … “once-solidly middle-class, industrial African-American neighborhoods … Brach’s, the largest employer in the Austin community, fled high labor costs and moved to Mexico”

The Purpose of This Post

In Previous Post Two, I stated I would provide more clues and examples of How the USA leaders became fools because they did not listen and as a result were not wise enough to understand the need for strategic planning as depicted in the above cartoon.

What’s My Point?

While some people have been fooled to believe, for some reason, the loss of manufacturing jobs is because of automation, the true reason lies in these following clues

“Since 2001, the United States has lost 2.8 million manufacturing jobs to China — that despite U.S. factory workers being far more productive.”

“Partly, it can be explained by China’s cheaper workers: The average hourly wage for Chinese manufacturing workers is less than a tenth that of their average U.S. counterparts, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.”

I t being about twice as cheap to live in China, those lower Chinese wages go further. But Chinese factory workers also tend to work longer hours, making them more appealing to some employers.

My point is USA workers will never be able to compete with wages and cost of living differences.

In My Opinion

The USA is now about to approve taxpayers’ subsidies to return vital products and services back to the USA because of the reasons explained in Post Two.

In My Next Post

I will identify the real reasons why our Washington leaders, or the Nelsons in the above cartoon, need to discern about perhaps, the true reason Americans are told that the reason for the loss of manufacturing was because of automation and that manufacturing will never return to the USA.

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