Interested in more clues in this post series to help wise up politicians in Washington DC on this issue of manufacturing of vital components and services for our Nation?

The Chicago Tribune -LAT times – Courier Times article titled: About China Competitiveness Bill, contained the following statement:

“Both bills call for a $52 billion investment in the semiconductor industry, about $160 billion for research and development agencies such as the National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy, as well as funding to reduce STEM workforce gaps.

The Purpose of This Post

In Previous Post Three, I stated I will identify the real reasons why our Washington leaders, or the Nelsons in the above cartoon, need to discern the true reason Americans are told that the reason for the loss of manufacturing was because of automation and that manufacturing will never return to the USA.

King Solomon

Be sure you know the condition of your flocks, give careful attention to your herds;(Proverb 27:23)

What’s My Point?

USA leaders in Washington backgrounds are mainly lawyers and social workers focusing on Rights issues  instead of business leaders focusing on industrial technology and manufacturing sciences.

Add that the above wisdom proverb based on practical and common-sense wisdom, because it is in the Bible, is illegal to be taught in public secular schools of which the majority of our leaders attended in their youth before they became leaders running our Nation.

My point is that if we discern the above feature image cartoon, Pickles, the grandfather explanation to his grandson was not understood because our Washington leaders, having no backgrounds in industry, or wisdom teachings in their youth, could not comprehend the advice, common sense, and practical wisdom not to allow USA technology and industry to global sources was folly.

Add that our naïve leaders actually believed automation is the reason for the exodus of USA manufacturing. That is because our leaders had no on hands working experience of manufacturing pros and cons of industrial automation which increases the needs for technology and manufacturing skills to produce higher paying salaries and job opportunities for skilled manufacturing workers and their families.

In My Opinion

The USA not only weakened our Nation by causing our economy to be almost entirely dependent on global sources, it destroyed job opportunities for youth to obtain the same technology skills which now requires taxpayers to fund costs to educate youth wherein the past they obtained the skills working hands on in industry.

For example, if we discern the proposed STEM Bill 160 billion proposal, we taxpayers will now have to pay taxes to teach our youth technology that we outsourced and was funded and  advanced by learning hands on in private industry job opportunities.

In My Next Post

I will summarize the posts for interested readers to discern “how USA political leaders became fools,’ The result of their folly to comprehend their folly of not watching over our Nations; flocks and herds” same as the uncomprehensive child, has weakened the USA industrial base and has a direct correlation to the high crime and social problems now evident in our Nation.

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Chicago Tribune – LA Times- Courier Times Editorial


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