Interested in a summary of the main clues presented in this post series that all lead up to the root reason of how and why our politicians in Washington DC became fools on the issue of outsourcing manufacturing of vital components and services for our Nation?

A Chicago Tribune opinion article contained these following two clue statements.:

“George Washington in his farewell address warned us of the danger of “party enthusiasm” that prioritizes immediate interests in election victory over the overall common good of the nation. Washington worried that the powerful drives for party victories prioritize short-term private interests over the long-range commitment to the common good and that of our posterity, our next generations.”

“This selfish energy blinds us to the needs and interests of others beyond our circle even as it blocks any caring much about the next generation.”

The Purpose of This Post

In Previous Post Four, I stated I will identify the real reasons why our Washington leaders, or the Nelsons in the above cartoon, need to discern the true reason Americans are told that the reason for the loss of manufacturing was because of automation and that manufacturing will never return to the USA.

King Solomon

Be sure you know the condition of your flocks, give careful attention to your herds;(Proverb 27:23)

What’s My Point?

My point is the root reason clue our Washington Leaders became fools on this issue is over time, the two main points of the Washington warning was ignored by legislators.

In My Opinion

Most Americans in their youth were never taught the wisdom of the King Solomon above proverb. Over time they grew up to become leaders in our Nation and in my opinion, proverbial wisdom, using the terminology of a comment, when they read a wisdom proverb, these following thoughts to describe their understanding of the proverbial advice. “

“I have no idea what he is talking about”

“Smells like cheese”

Or in other words, our politicians in Washington were similar to the above feature image cartoon did not understand same as a child the wisdom other the counselors who tried to warn them of the folly of outsourcing USA manufacturing to become dependent entirely on global sources.

The result is when Washington leaders allowed vital components manufacturing to be outsourced to global suppliers and to believe manufacturing will never return to the USA, and the USA would benefit more as a service industry, or automation is the reason why there are less need for manufacturing workers, was folly and now the USA taxpayers need to fund a plant to be built in the USA to supply chips.

Frankly, the main reasons were as follows:

  1. Washington leaders ignored the wisdom and advice of George Washington,
  2. Higher profits for merchants to sell foreign manufactured product in USA, who have greater political influence in Washington.
  3. Domestic suppliers were forced to emulate their commodity competitors who outsourced their manufacturing in order to be price competitive.

If Interested

Read the Source Links below. Keep in mind the word sin is associated with those who do not abide by Gods laws. And lawbreakers who do not abide by man’s laws.

However, the idiom – “Whether a vase hits a stone or a stone hits a vase, the result is the same.”

You Decide

If after reading, was it wise or foolish for the USA to outsource vital goods and products instead of listening to the advice of ancient and contemporty wiseman ancient counsel to “

“Be sure you know the condition of your flocks, give careful attention to your herds”

Regards and goodwill blogging

Source Links

Chicago Tribune February 19, 2022

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