Which, or both, should the USA and World view the Ukraine Invasion?

The Chicago Tribune article titled: We stand for democracy in Ukraine, but don’t seem certain about the price, brings up this conundrum as to whether sacrifice should be viewed as an investment or vice versa.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient wisdom proverb and articles as clues, for both the USA and World to discern what is now occurring in Ukraine.

King Solomon

4Then the king and all the people offered sacrifices before the LORD. 5And King Solomon offered a sacrifice of 22,000 oxen and 120,000 sheep. So the king and all the people dedicated the house of God. (2 Cornicles 7:5)


Contemporary Definition of Sacrifice – Merriam Webster

a: destruction or surrender of something for the sake of something else

b: something given up or lost

Personal Growth

Sacrifice Is Temporary Pain Endured in Hope of a Future Return

A Sacrifice is an Investment – Sermonette

 the sermonette emphasizes   daily sacrifices are necessary for a greater ultimate good. 

What’s My Point?

The USA engagement in wars sacrifices ever since the Second World War has been in human lives lost and has been financed in borrowing against the future generations in the form of National Debt of approximately 30 trillion Dollars.

My point is the Ukraine invasion require both the USA and World to discern that Putin considers war loss of lives as a price for future investment and has been conditioned in life to consider human lives lost not as a sin but a worthy sacrifice to invest in the future of Russia.

In My Opinion

In ancient times the religious belief in sacrifice was viewed as a necessary investment price to obtain approval of past sins to gain favor with their God to hopefully gain His favor.in their future.

In our contempoary times, we consider setting aside money to invest in a private business or Corporation stock to profit and obtain a more comfortable future.

The conundrum of both the USA and World today is to consider if we are willing to sacrifice present comforts and luxuries we now enjoy from the commodities of oil and gas presently being supplied by Russia in the world.

As for the sermonette views of sacrifice, we might have avoided all wars if only we obeyed Gods law, thou shalt not kill.

Sadly though, teaching religious moral laws have diminished over time in both the ~USA and World/

And, the following Bible verse belief has been diminished in our contemporty times. The result has been recorded in both ancient and contemporary times history by leaders of USA and World.

What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? (Marl 8:36)?

If Interested

You Decide

Will the USA and World sacrifice Ukraine to avoid a personal sacrifice of comfort today.

Is it time to return to teaching our youth in depth understanding of the Wisdom and Love in the Bible to prevent the next generation from repeating the same mistakes of both past and contemporary generations?

Regards and goodwill blooming.

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