Was Ukraine’s freedom, or something else, the reason for today’s record gas prices?

The Chicago Tribune article titled: US strikes harder at Putin, banning all Russian oil imports, reported:

“Americans will feel pain, too – at the gas pump – Biden acknowledged, declaring, “Defending freedom is going to cost. “reported”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient wisdom verse, and an idiom, and definition to this conundrum.

King Solomon

Don’t build your house and establish a home until your fields are ready, and you are sure that you can earn a living. (Proverb 24:7 GNT)

This is a domestical precept, requiring both industry and prudence in the management of a man’s concerns, that he take care in the first place to furnish himself with cattle and the fruits of the field, which are necessary for his subsistence, and after that he may procure such things as are for ornament and comfort, such as the building of a convenient house is. (Matthew Poole Commentary)

Machismo’s definition – Merriam Webster

: an exaggerated or exhilarating sense of power or strength

Idiom – overshoot the mark

If you go too far or go beyond what was intended, by misjudging something

 What’s My Point?

Biden signed over 30 Presidential Executive Orders in his first three days in office.

One EO was (Biden) Cancels the Keystone XL pipeline and directs agencies to review and reverse more than 100 Trump actions on the environment”

My point is to provide the following clue to the conundrum in this following Excerpt opinion. excerpt opinion:

Excerpt Clue

“Meanwhile, the White House is pretending that Putin’s war is the only cause of the crisis, ignoring the fact that energy prices started soaring as soon as Biden took office and declared war on the US fossil-fuel industry: shutting down pipelines, denying new drilling permits and promising a renewed regulatory and tax attack on any who dare to drill.

In My Opinion

The USA Congress needs a course in ancient wisdom and a course on the benefits of long range strategic planning, along with anger management training.

In his haste and anger of Trump; policies, the USA public will now pay record oil prices because of Biden decisions to reverse the USA from producing enough oil to no longer be intimidated by foreign oil nations.

While most everyone agrees there is a need for clean green energy to reduce pollution and climate change, we need wise leaders in Congress to plan and manage a long-range strategy to achieve the goals and reality timelines and plans how to fund and achieve the plans.

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You Decide

Will the USA voters elect qualified legislators in the upcoming 2022 election who understand how to make strategic long-range plans after experiencing the folly and political machismos of the present empty suit politicians promises that fail because of lack of long-range strategic planning?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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