Is it possible Trump understands Putin to be a fool when he did not insult him in an interview??

The New Your Post article titled: Trump calls Ukraine invasion a ‘holocaust’ but doesn’t condemn Putin, reported an interview Trump where which he stated:

“Yesterday, I was asked by reporters if I thought President Putin was smart. I said, ‘Of course he’s smart,’” Trump told ​the crowd. “The problem is not that Putin is smart, which of course he is smart, but the real problem is that our leaders are dumb.”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient wisdom verse and articles as clues for interested readers to solve this conundrum.

King Solomon

A fool’s anger is known at once, but a prudent man overlooks an insult.… (Proverb 12:14-16)

What’s My Point?

Millions are asking why Putin invaded Ukraine after 80 years of peace in Europe.

Trump claims to understand or measure Putin better than Biden. In other words, does Trump understand Putin is smart and savvy but also a fool.

In My Opinion

To understand why a person who is smart and savvy can also be a a fool, we need to understand an ancient saying to “know thyself, so they may know thy measure.”.

Putin appears to me that perhaps the reason why Putin invaded Ukraine was he seems to fit a Psychology Today article description of toxic.

If interested

Read a previous post in the Source Links below which contains a Psychology today following expert of a toxic personality.


“Toxicity is often linked to the so-called “dark triad” of personality traits: narcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism.

You Decide

If after reading, does it appear to you the reason why Putin invaded Ukraine is because he fits the descriptions as being toxic?

If after reading, does it appear that an authoritative leader in power can be smart and savvy and be a fool who will become angry when personally insulted instead of wise and prudent as described in the above proverb?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

Source Link

New York Post

Trump calls Ukraine invasion a ‘holocaust’ but doesn’t condemn Putin (

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