Is the war in Ukraine a prime example of King Solomon’s ancient observation:” Vanity all is Vanity?”

The Chicago Tribune opinion article titled: Russian invasion of Ukraine may be fatal to Trump, reported a critical opinion of Trump’s relationship with Putin will result in his loss of a 2024 potential election bid.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient wisdom verse observation to this conundrum with articles of religious definition so the word meaning of vanity.

In other words, would the principal leaders in the news be willing Ing to recognize that Ukraine negotiation meeting with Putin, Biden, Zelenskyy, and Trump could lead to an immediate negotiated truce and end the killing and destruction now occurring in Ukraine, if only, they would recognize the wisdom of King Solomon?

King Solomon   

Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity. (Ecclesiastes 1:2)


All worldly things; is vanity — Not in themselves, for they are God’s creatures, and therefore good in their kinds, but in reference to that happiness which men seek and expect to find in them. So, they are unquestionably vain, because they are not what they seem to be, and perform not what they promise, but, instead of that, are the occasions of innumerable cares, and fears, and sorrows, and mischiefs.

What’s My Point?

The Chicago Tribune opinion contains a clue or opportunity to negotiate an end to the killing and destruction occuring in Ukraine.

My point is that each of the four leaders would recognizes that their personal innumerable cares, fears, sorrows, and mischief, political and personal, of each other, a negotiated truce and settlement may be attainable, if only, they would understand the meaning of Ecclesiastes message.

In My Opinion,

Each leader is capable of meeting together and making use of their talents to negotiate an agreement to end the carnage occurring in Ukraine.

While are four leaders have proven leadership skills and talents, Love of Nation or Political Views schould be used to unite the world if only each would set aside and recognize that instead of appeasing thief vanities to win, they instead use their talents to perform their duties as leaders to God, their countries, their economies, and the world.

Biden in being successful in uniting allied Nations to participate in each Russia sanction which will take time if successful and will basically harm Russian working people instead of the Russian armies.

Trump has proven negotiation skills to obtain results in his Presidential terms to both avoid war and awaken NATO to their responsibilities to provide their fair share of funds needed for defense instead of relying on the USA. Putin did not invade Ukraine during his term. Perhaps for their understanding or relationship .

Zelenskyy has proven himself as a leader to unite resistance against a quick Russian assault of Ukraine with superior armor and military numbers. However, at a cost of lives, destruction, and misery to the Ukrainians now experiencing the war.

Putin motives for the invasion is a repeat of history of believing Russia past territory and occupations of Nations is based on both vanity and influences of past fears experiences in Russia.

In other words, if all above leaders would understand King Solomon’s observation and set aside their personal vanities driving their present innumerable cares, fears, and sorrows, and mischiefs, a negotiate truce is possible. If only each one supposedly all who have knowledge and proclaimed to have religious beliefs would take the following ancient advice of King Solomon to their basic duty as leaders, and set aside their personal vanities.


“God has put in our hearts a yearning for eternity, but, as long as we live in this world, we must modify our desires to its changes, its vanities, its impermanence.

Still, there is something permanent in our world, and that is God and his Law. Pay heed to that as you conduct your business and perform your labors. Fear the Lord and obey his commandments, and you will have fulfilled your duty.”

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You Decide

Will we humans ever wise up and return to teaching the Wisdom and Love advice written thousands of years ago to live according to the commandments of our Creator.

Will we ever wise up and return to teaching ourselves to understand the meanings of the verse” Vanity all is vanity,” has been the reason and fatal attraction of all the innumerable cares, fears, sorrows, and mischief of mortals recorded in history

As for understanding the Love taught in the Bible to prevail, in my opinion, what is more fatal to us mortals as proven in history is to continue repeating the same misunderstanding of true love as taught in the Bible. Or in other words:

“What the World Needs Now in Addition to Love is Wisdom.”

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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