Is China leadership decision more ecofriendly and wiser than Biden’s?

The Chicago Tribune article titled: Bitcoin miners now look to be rebranded as ecofriendly, reported:

“A single Bitcoin transaction now requires more than 2,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity, or enough energy to power the average American household for 73 days, researchers estimate.”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate ancient wisdom proverb, a Chicago idiom to compare China Leadership Vs USA leadership about the issues of Bitcoin decisions which appear to be both hypocritical to health and welfare of economics of green energy needs and stability of the USA dollar future use and stability.

King Solomon

The toil of a fool wearies him, for he does not know the way to the city. 16Woe to you, O land whose king is a youth, and whose princes feast in the morning. Blessed are you, O land whose king is a son of nobles, and whose princes feast at the proper time—for strength and not for drunkenness. (Ecclesiastes 10: 15- 17)

Idiom – (there’s) no fool like an old fool

An older person who makes foolish decisions is especially at fault, as experience should have taught them not to do such things.

What’s My Point?

Most people, including myself, do not have the slightest idea what cryptocurrency is or why a government should either regulate or allow use of means to devalue the faith and use of their Nation’s currencies.

My point is China leadership outlawed the use of cryptocurrencies, yet is being chastised by environmentalists for not wholeheartedly joining the world to reduce greenhouse gasses.

In My Opinion

Praising Biden, who has made a series of energy decisions to eliminate fossil fuels use of coal, oil, gas, and subsidized taxpayers’ funds to promote green energy, is now conduction a study of use and regulation of cryptocurrencies to be regulated in the USA instead of emulating China decision to outlaw its use.

If indeed cryptocurrencies use require enormous power as stated in the article, Biden should emulate China and outlaw the use because of both the present and future needs for power and anger shortages and lack of unfractured to implement green energy, because it is hypocritical and foolish in the interests of his agenda for green energy.

Add Biden’s Ukraine policies to isolate Russia with sanctions, yet allow Russia to circumvent with the use of cryptocurrencies instead of currencies, and it makes me wonder if Biden decision making abilities, hypocrisy, are issues, we need to discern Biden as a leader who King Solomon and the idiom described ion the above verses.

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You Decide

If after reading and discerning the requirement for massive use of power and energy present requirement in the USA, should the USA wise up instead of regulating cryptocurrency and emulate China leadership decision immediately.

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