Will the Hollywood Academy launch result in anything positive in the future to prevent a repeat performance of folly witnessed by millions on live TV and now is headline news?

The Chicago Tribune – AP article titled: Action Condemned, Review Launched, reported

“The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences on Monday condemned the actions of Will Smith during Sunday night’s Oscars and launched an inquiry into his slapping of presenter Chris Rock.”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate ancient wisdom verses and articles for interested readers to discern which of the four clues they might choose to discern this conundrum.

King Solomon

A man shall eat good by the fruit of his mouth: but the soul of the transgressors shall eat violence. (Proverb 13:2)

A fool’s wrath is presently known: but a prudent man covered shame. (Proverb 12:16

Commentary  A fool’s wrath is presently known.—He cannot contain himself if he thinks himself slighted or injured; the “prudent man,” on the other hand, “covered shame,” not noticing an insult at the time, but waiting for a convenient opportunity of telling the offender of his fault and bringing him to a better mind (Matthew 18:15).

Irish Proverb –

 – It’s often that a man’s mouth broke his nose

Meaning: Watch what you say because it could get you in trouble.

Psychology Today Insults –

“The chickens are restless”

“Effective communities maintain solidarity by keeping direct insults to a minimum. Hence the elaborate traditions of politeness and respect found in real-world communities of the past; people behaved that way to avoid unnecessary anger, disputes, and violence.

What’s My Point?

To question if the Academy launch investigation will discern anything new under the sun to reverse the influence of movies being produced to glorify violence in our society.

In My Opinion

I have my doubts that anything the Academy launches will be useless to return our society to engage in “elaborate traditions of politeness and respect” taught in ancient wisdom which reflects on the USA society displayed and witnessed by millions of fans of an industry displayed all over the world.

Whether the reasons that drove Will Smith actions was a result of his uncontrolled emotions on a world stage, or whether either Chris Rock or Will Smith actions were wise or foolish in a world where the chickens and pecking order is restless, the world witnessed what can only be discerned as folly.

In my opinion, in a Nation where it is illegal to teach ancient Wisdom and Love lessons in the he Bible in public secular schools, should we be surprised at what occurred at the Academy Awards?

 Illegal because the Bible is based on religious beliefs. Beliefs obviously lacking, in our contemporary times when the whole world is psychologically become restless because of a from a host of problems which obviously appears to be driving humans to emulate what they see in the movies.

To react like angry chickens in a pecking order, should sadly be no surprise in my opinion..

If interested,

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You Decide

Would the USA image benefit in the future? if parents were allowed school choice or school vouchers to allow them to afford to send their children to schools that teach the ancient wisdom and love in the Bible.

Hopefully, to return to “Hence the elaborate traditions of politeness and respect found in real-world communities of the past; people behaved that way to avoid unnecessary anger, disputes, and violence,.” instead of what the Hollywood Movie Academe has been portraying to drive humans to react like angry chickens in a pecking order?

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Source Links

Chicago Tribune


Psychology Today – Insults – Angry Chickens are Restless


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