Is nature or nurture that drives old people to give advice when they are no longer have regular jobs?

The above Chicago Tribune cartoon feature image about old guys who “don’t have regular jobs” and give advice to their wives working in their home, is a repetition which has been recorded in history in humorous statements and King Solomon Wisdom in the Bible.

For example,

“In jest, there is truth.” ― William Shakespeare, King Lear Read more quotes from William Shakespeare (1605 AD)

King Solomon – Ecclesiastes 1:9 Solomon says, “There is no new thing under the sun.” No matter what men invent, the basic motivation that brought the thing into being is not new. (900 BC)

The Purpose of This Post

Is to provide clues to this conundrum for interested to discern the truth and instead of laugh, we should discern if our Creator programmed our nature or attempted to nurture us to make wise or foolish choices based on wisdom rather than continuing to repeat the same follies recorded in history.

In My Opinion

I believe our Creator never intended for His human creations to repeat the same foolish repetitions recorded in history which keep repeating in every new generation since the beginning of time.

For example, if we discern the wisdom of King Solomon in the Old Testament of the Bible, and the Love advice in the New Testament, there has been more than enough Spiritual advice provided for over 3000 years available, which if had been discerned, listened and/or followed, would have avoided the continual repetitions of the same or similar generational follies recorded in history.

In my opinion, it is time we humans would somehow wise up and return to teach the Bible to our youth. Hopefully to obtain some understanding, knowledge, and wisdom to avoid repeating the same follies already recorded in history in every generation.

Or in other words, the sun without a doubt has been created in nature to rise and set every day same as observed by King Solomon 3000 years ago. This same sun provides us humans the opportunity to make choices and learn how to grow and prosper, both physically and Spiritually on the earth which obviously had to be created by our Creator, And, since no human in history has ever created one something new element since the beginning of time. Yes, we have created chemical compounds from the elements, but not one new element, ever.

All we have to do in our short lifespans on earth is make wise rather than foolish choices on how to live together in peace by following the advice of our Creator who undoubtably is an old guy instead of choosing to foolishly sweep his wisdom and love advice out of our lives

Your Decide

Does this above cartoon explain why older people not working have more time to discern the wisdom and folly of the choices they made in life to hopeful wise up younger people Yes, not to repeat the same follies they made? /

Yet, for some unknown reason, is it possible our youth will likely not listen to them because they are being nurtured to believe it is natural to be young and foolish choices by romantic song verses in Young and Foolish?

If instead of romantic song verses, they are taught or nurtured to be introduced to listen in their youth in school about Bible Wisdom and Love, would the likelihood result in less youths to make foolish repeat choices in later life instead of the obvious foolish choices we read and hear about every day in the news?

Would school choice or school vouchers help parents to afford to once again introduce our youth to understand and obtain the wisdom and knowledge advice available for thousands of years under the sun. Wisdom to avoid repeating the same mistakes in future generations that we are reading and hearing about in the news in our lifetime?

Will following the advice in the Bible help make possible the truth of the Wisdom and Love advice in the Bible will nurture more joy and peace for humans living in nature under the sun?

If an old guys and gals poll question was made, aside from wishing they could have been physically “young and foolish again,” how many would choose to have been young and foolish vs being “young and wise,” again?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

Source Link – Feature Image Chicago Tribune March 30, 2022

Song Verses – Young and Foolish