Why do people commit crimes such as rape, rob, or shoot each other?

The Chicago Tribune article titled: Car Jackings anti-crime target of State Dems, reported:

“GOP Proposals do very little to move the needle.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient wisdom verse, a word definition as clues to this why conundrum, and to identify who react knows the real answer.

Definition of superficial – Merriam Webster

1a (1): of, relating to, or located near a surface

(2): lying on, not penetrating below, or affecting only the surface superficial wounds

King Solomon Blog

A wise king winnows out the wicked; he drives the threshing wheel over them. 21Disaster pursues sinners, but prosperity is the reward of the righteous.… (Proverb 20:26-27)

Superficial Clue  

With all his fine qualities, the young man was very superficial in his views of spiritual things.

What’s My Point?

Today’s Chicago Tribune reported various articles and issues in the news that reported, Ukraine war atrocities, political differences between parties how to reduce crime, political corruption trial, shootings, carjackings, thief’s breaking windows to steal eyeglasses, 95 year sentence for a man convicted of double murder, sentence hearing for a rapists of minors, train conductor pushed onto train tracks, a Texas business to allow people to rage in a room, along with an article of opening day for Cubs baseball season.

 My point is every day we basically read the same news reports of crimes that very seldom report the motives for crimes, yet when it comes to baseball, there are numerous statistics of batting and pitching of every sports activity player to analyze or winnow out the reasons why a player may accomplish in the season of his relative short time in sports, yet we never seem to know the motives that drive a person to commit a crime, or sin against another.

In My Opinion

If we read the article, we will discover that crime was even higher in the 90’s in America and if we study the statistics, it was significantly reduced after Congaree passed tough on crime measures to get criminals off the streets into jails.

Now the Democrats want to do something different to reduce crime and the Republicans are accusing them of playing politics to stay in power in this statement:

Republican Sen. John Curran of Downers Grove said the proposals “do very little to move the needle on this very serious issue.”

Republicans largely voted in favor of the legislation to avoid “no” votes being used against them in an election year, but nonetheless were critical.

“This isn’t state government — this is an apology,” Republican Rep. Andrew Chesney of Freeport, who voted for the bill, told Democrats during the debate. “You are suffering from political amnesia because your policies hurt people, and now, you want a redo.”

In my opinion, since we know from experience that mass jailing is a short-term solution, and we know the costs and recidivism of criminals being released without skills or means to work and support themselves, or to return to drug addiction, or whatever is driving criminals to do what they do, the fact is we do have amnesia as a society to keep forgetting what we also know,

Some people, for some reason never think of engaging in crime even thigh they experience poverty, single family parenting, peer pressures, eats. etc. etc.

And, for some reason, baseball statistics are available but motives for crimes in eighter FBI or State crime reports according to this statement.

“Police departments collect data on gun violence in real time, but they aren’t required to report them to anybody, and only a few voluntarily release them to the public. “

Even if we knew the motives, it would be superficial if we miss the real clue in my opinion why some become criminals and others do not even though they grow up in the same communities or experience similar circumstances.

In my opinion, frankly if the government would conduct an inept study statistical study, similar to baseball statistics, we would readily understand the clues that will emerge from the study instead of the superficial and reparative reasons and amnesia of our politicians are aging discussing in the news reports.

What Study?

Have an in-depth government study made to compare every convicted criminal regardless of their crime to discern if they attended a private religious, or a public secular school in their childhood and/or grew up in a signal parent household or are a drug addict or was in state of being on a recreational use drug such as marijuana, opium, heroin, fentanyl, crack, or cocaine, etc.

If Interested

Read a previous post what type of study is needs, along with a host of relative articles in the Soured Links below

You Decide

If after reading, would you agree the government study would reveal a superficial or the real reason why we are experiencing so much crime we now read in the news every day after day, and for some reason, continue to repeat the same folly in every generation since the beginning of recorded history.

If after reading, at the very least, if the study statistics reveals the clue why, and the reasons are corrected, the world might may never become Utopia, yet perhaps reduce the present hellish circumstance we are now reading and hearing in the news over and over every day sometime in the future?

Who Really Knows?

Regard and goodwill blogging.

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