Would more help from voters  reduce crime?

The Chicago Tribune AP- ABC13 article titled: Police: At least 5 from gangs behind mass killing in California reported:

“One of the brothers in custody was freed from prison weeks before the shooting and last year was rejected for earlier release after prosecutors argued he “clearly has little regard for human life,” documents show.”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb to this conundrum.

King Solomon

The toil of a fool wearies him, for he does not know the way to the city.6Woe to you, O land whose king is a youth, and whose princes feast in the morning.  (Ecclesiastes 10: 15-16)

What’s My Point?

It is useless, in my opinion, in a Democrat Republic to report over and over again news reports of crime and not the motives so voters can be informed what needs to be done to prevent or reduce crime.

For example

In a previous post, I brought up the issue of reading news about crime and never hearing the motives.

The post referred to the Illinois Democrats in Illinois now approaching e November election be accused by Republicans of changing their soft on crime because election is nearing.

The Democrats countered that mass jailing’s is an old approach and they have better ways.

The problem is innocent people are victims of shootings while legislators debate better ways to reduce crime?

In My Opinion

We are going to continue to read about crimes over and over and over again in the news as long as we keep reelecting empty suit politicians over and over and over again who, according to the above King Solomon verse in effect weary themselves in debates can be described as “The toil of a fool wearies him, for he does not know the way to the city “(what to do to reduce crime in the city?)

Both the police and news media need to report more information of the motives of crimes so voters can make informed decisions about who they should vote for in November “

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You Decide

Would knowing motives for crimes help voters decide who to give the keys to their city to represent and protect innocent victims from criminals.,’

Would school vouchers help parents who cannot afford to send their children to private religious schools same as most legislators in Chicago and 49 percent of teachers now do to help youths now being influenced to join gangs in the belief that they need protection of guns and in need of pleasure from drugs to survive in their communities,

Or in other words to join the right ball team as explained in the previous post to add significance in their youth to grow up to be better leaders in the future for our communities.?.

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Chicago Tribune – AP – ABC!3


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