Would it help to reduce crimes if news reports of convicted criminals contained pudding proof of the root cause that may have led to their “first deaths.”

In a previous post conundrum on the issue of news and police reports of crime and shootings seldom give voters information of the motives for crimes so they can discern if the legislators they vote in office are empty suit politicians who make claims if elected they know better ways to reduce crime occurring in their communities.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb and idiom, and explanation of ‘first deaths ‘which occur for voters to better understand who and why of the root cause of most crimes and vote for legislators to support a better way to reduce of crime.

Or in other words, same as we discern base all statistics to determine a baseball player likelihood to become a winner or loser odds, if we knew if a criminal went to a private or public school, we would a parent make a different choice of what type of schools will help increase the odds of their child to become a winner or loser in life?

King Solomon  

The wages of the righteous is life, but the earnings of the wicked are sin and death. (Proverb 10:16))

 Idiom – The Proof is in the pudding

The final results of something are the only way to judge its quality or veracity.

First Deaths

Most religious faith public-school believers believe every human born will die both spiritually and physically at some time in their short time on earth. The above proverb refers the choice in life of being righteous will avoid death of the soul because of sin that leads to their first death of their spiritual soul even though they are physically still alive on earth.

In other words, according to the wisdom proverb, righteous actions lead to wages (rewards) in life, and sin, (unlawful conduct) leads to their first death. I

What’s My Point?

If voters knew what the motives for criminal acts in their communities, they would have a better understanding of the problems and communicate to their legislators what needs to be done.

Same applies if voters knew what type of schools the criminals attended, in my opinion.

For example, if youths who attend a private religious faith school result in have higher odds of avoiding their ‘first death’ perhaps voters will vote for legislators to support school vouchers to allow parents school vouchers to send their children to private religious schools, same as most legislators and 40 percent of public-school teacher choose according to statistics.

In other words, journalists should provide voters to obtain the information as they are taught in journalism schools.

That the main purpose of journalism is to provide people with the information they need to be free and self-governing? 

In My Opinion

All government reports that claim releasing prisoners to lesser sentencing terms or release without bond for arrests made for caring guns or any crime or violent actions are worthless.

That is because the reality is that when a dangerous felon is released back into a community, no one will complain because they are afraid to become witnesses for fear of personal reprisals to themselves, family or property.

The only report in reality that proves what elected legislators’ accomplishment to reduce crime is the reports of crime increases or decreases.

In my opinion, the information needed to reduce crime in the future is to identify the education or root cause of most criminals first death is related to the type of education they received in their youth which all psychologists agree are the most formative years in their physical lives.

And all psychologist agrees that that a youth’s brain is not fully developed until late teens or early 20’s. We all need to understand youths are more susceptible to influences in family or community peer pressures which increase the odds of choosing the wrong paths that leads them to both their spiritual and physical deaths in life.

We already seem to understand this because hen a person’s physical time ends, many r obituaries often include the information such as “Education (i.e., where they went to school, what they studied, what degrees they received);

In other words, if the FBI Crime Reports provided root cause factors such as motives, and education that led to their first deaths, and. journalist provided the information in their reporting’s, voters would have more proof of the pudding on how effective the legislators really are and hopefully vote out empty suit legislators.

Also in my opinion, adding information of motives, and education will same as pudding rises, surface to reveal information parents need to vote for legislators who support school vouchers/

Same as legislators and public office holders now send their children, to avoid them from e becoming involved in crime, drugs. That is because the public secular schools fail to teach in depth moral disciplines to avoid crime or sins which lead to their: first death.”

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You Decide

Would parents vote for legislators who believe releasing convicted criminals is a better way according to their worthless reports instead of reality that people in high crime areas are fearful to become witnesses?

If after reading, does a Democrat Republic need freedom of speech and journalism to publish the reality of the root causes of crime so “to provide people with the information they need to be free and self-governing? 

Would voter who better understand the root causes of increased crime is the failure of public secular schools to teach moral disciplines and religious values to youth so when they grow up to become leaders in the future, they will become wiser than the previous generation leaders who based on crime reports do not have better ways to reduce crime, or even address the problems until election time nears.

If parents knew the best odds for their children would reduce the likelihood of their being a better player in life, would they have at least been aware of the inequity odds I life that led to both first and second deaths according to theism of the above proverb?

If. as I surmise, statistics of what schools a criminal attend increases or decrease the odds other the child becoming a criminal, would the statistics be similar to the proof is in the pudding for voters to discern who to vote for to support school vouchers to allow parents to afford to send their children to the same schools as most legislators and 40 percent of public-school teachers choose.?

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