Will reality of the consequences of this article narrative (story) be considered?

The Chicago Tribune article titled: End Qualified Immunity for Police Officers to Combat Abuses, reported an opinion of a former Police Captain how to end police abuses mainly directed at minorities Rights contained this explanation.

“Qualified immunity is a judicial doctrine that shields government officials — such as police officers — from being found personally liable for violating a person’s rights. It was created to ensure that officials would not be hindered from taking quick action, if necessary, that they wouldn’t be burdened with trivial litigation and that they would not have to use their own financial resources in civil cases after they had been found guilty of misconduct. Also, the heavy burden to prove that qualified immunity does not apply falls upon the aggrieved or their families.’

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient wisdom verse to this opinion along with my opinions of the beauties root cause of what leads to the majority of police confrontations with the public.

King Solomon – Ecclesiastes 1:3

What benefit do people get from all the effort which they expend on earth?

Definition of narrative – Merriam Webster

 something that is narrated : STORY, ACCOUNT He is writing a detailed narrative of his life on the island.

a way of presenting or understanding a situation or series of events that reflects and promotes a particular point of view or set of values

Definition of reality – Merriam Webster

1: the quality or state of being real

2a (1): a real event, entity, or state of affairs

What’s My Point?

In a Blog Post on the issue of Narratives vs. Reality, about poll results, this following statement appears to apply in my opinion which relates to this article

“As Watters points out, some of the responses to this poll show just how much we’ve been brainwashed by the radical left.”

My point is instead of opinions, we need to understand the root cause of all police confrontations with the public when a police officer approaches a him or her.

In other word, when a person is approached by a police officer and fails to obey lawful police offers command, a confrontation may occur which may end up in a court jury instead of a police review board ruling which deprives a police officer of his rights.

In My Opinion

If and when this opinion becomes a reality, a police officer concerned that he may be sued and sued have to pay legal costs every time they have to make a decision on whether or not to stop a person, they suspect has broken a law, they will be foolish, in my opinion, to take any risks to confront a suspect knowing that they are subject to a personal civil suit.

In other words, when we read opinions such as this article narrative (story). What we need to consider the reality of both parties in a police confrontation.

And in my opinion and experience as a police auxiliary officer in my community, most police confrontations with the public begins with a failure of an individual to obey a police lawful command because a person is either guilty, or believes his or her Rights are being violated unlawfully, even though by law, everyone must comply with a lawful police command.

And if he or she flees, or resists a lawful police command, the reality of a forceful arrest and a confrontation may occur.

As for narratives that will result in a later trial, hopefully judges and juries will hear the narratives of both sides before they judge what cooccurred is true reality or a false narrative of what occured..

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You Decide

IF you were a police officer, would you agree to give up your rights to a judge or jury and agree to allow anyone sue you personally if you approach them with a lawful police command?

Should judges and juries consider that if anyone who refuses to obey a lawful police command negate any later narratives that their rights were violated and obtain monetary awards by juries when in reality, if they had obeyed the lawful police command, there would not have been any police confrontation in the first place?

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Source Links

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