Wise or Foolish? Reasons over time to stand in high heels for eight hours straight?

I read with interest a Chicago Tribune wrote an article titled, Hey Men, try doing anything for eight hours in four- inch heels, written by a woman about the fact that a 77 year old woman stood in Congress giving a speech for eight hours wearing high heels. (Original post 10/18/2018)

It brought to mind thoughts I had a middle age woman judge I noticed while watching a cheer leader contest stand for eight hours wearing the same. My thoughts being why do women do that? It can not be comfortable.

Would King Solomon judge them to be wise or foolish?

If interested, I selected some of the following reasons over time why high heels were worn.


Egyptian nobilities wearing heels to set them apart from the lower class, who would normally go barefoot.

Egyptian butchers who wore them in order to walk over the bloodied bodies of animal carcasses.

The tenth century Persian calvary wore a kind of boot with heels in order to ensure their feet stayed in the stirrups.

2,000 years ago male Greco-Roman actors wore thick, cork-soled platforms to exaggerate their heights as they portrayed gods and royalty,

Ottoman Empire-inspired chopines ranging in height from six to—brace yourself—20 inches became de rigeur for women in Venice, where they not only held women’s feet high above the sodden streets, they also implied a similarly high social stature.

Chinese concubines and Turkish odalisques who wore heels, in order to prevent them from fleeing the harem.

In ancient Rome, where sex trade was legal, high heels were used to identify those within the trade to potential clients and high heels became associated with prostitution.

During the Middle Ages, both men and women would wear “pattens”, which were wooden soles, attached to their shoes in order to keep their fragile and expensive footwear out of the mud and street debris.

King Louis XIV loved a good silk-covered heel, and wore them in red, which indicated social rank even in a pre-Louboutin age.

1533 saw the first women’s heel designed to lengthen the legs.

girls were pictured wearing high heels, leading to an increase in the relationship between high heels and female sexuality.[3] The tall, skinny stiletto heel was invented in 1950, strengthening the relationship between women, sexuality, and appearance

when photographers of pornographic postcards realized that they made women’s butts look great.

Research has shown correlation between the height of a heel and the amount of injury that results.

possible consequence of wearing high heels is an increase of pressure in one’s veins.

are seen as the ultimate symbol of being a woman.

acting like they don’t know how to walk properly in them, these men are reinforcing the stereotype that only women can or should wear high heels.

What’s My Point?

Over time, high heels have both practical, social, and cultural reasons. In today’s modern scientific world knowing that high heels can result in detrimental medical effects, the question of wise or foolish reasons seem not seem to have any bearing on, or concern to many women.

King Solomon

As for how King Solomon would judge the issue, excluding practical reasons, and having experienced being surrounded by 700 wives and 300 concubines, I would surmise he would understand one reason why in a comparison of women versus men, and high heels, women are STOMPING, AND INVINSIBLE, all over men.

“Sure he (Fred Astaire) was great, but don’t forget that Ginger Rogers did everything he did, …backwards and in high heels.”

As for the other reason, I surmise his following statement might describe best why men and women wear high heels in both ancient and modern times.

vanity[b] of vanities, says the Preacher,
vanity of vanities! All is vanity..(Ecclesiastes 1:2)

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