Ever wonder what “really wise” means.

There are many human theories that have been expounded how to obtain wisdom or how wisdom originates from superior intellect, genes, brain size, experience, learning etc. etc.  There are long lists of characteristic or traits a person may need or have to be identified as wise or to possess wisdom. Discernment or ability to perceive is always listed.

However none of these theories or word characteristics really do reveal the real source of King Solomon’s wisdom.

King Solomon wrote this proverb that may give us a starting clue help reveal the mystery of why he was considered at a young age when he became King to be “really wise.”

Clue Number One

It is in what he does that a youth reveals himself, if his action be pure and upright. (Proverb, 20:11)

Deeds speak louder than words. The way to ascertain the quality of a youth is to observe his behavior. His caliber is not established by what he says about himself or what other say about him, but is the purity and uprightness of his deeds.

Clue Number Two 

This brief A Story for a Sunday Morning reveals another clue. Read HERE

After you read this story, ask yourself this.  Do various human theories of education, intellect, genes, brain size, etc., really answer the question to reveal the real source of King Solomon’s wisdom.

The autistic boy in the story perceived the spiritual conception of Easter whereas his classmates perceived only human conceptions.  Did this prove him to be more intelligent or wiser in spite of his handicap? No, but it did serve for his classmates to change their perceptions about him. Also, in my opinion, it proved that a person can never be” really wise” based on human intelligence that does not include spiritual perceptions.

Same as the song goes about love and marriage, “you can’t have one without the other.” Either will you ever be perceived as “really wise” if your decisions or deeds are not spiritually pure and upright in the eyes of God.

King Solomon became “really wise” only after he was gifted with both human and Divine Wisdom.

Regards and good will blogging.