Is there a better alternative for politicians to get elected than for private citizens to giveaway both their own and taxpayer’s money to advertise their names in order to be elected?

The Chicago Tribune article titled: Gas Car Plan Clears Hurdle, reported the details for the Democrats in power in the City of Chicago to giveaway 12.5 million taxpayer dollars to supposedly help citizens cope with inflation.

Republicans consider this to be election year giveaway by politicians in power to buy votes. For example, “the cards will have Mayor Lightfoot’s name on it.”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient wisdom verse, an idiom, to this conundrum which will balance the needs for all candidates regardless of party to be able to advertise their names, plans, qualifications, and accomplishments while in public or private management position us for voters to decide who to vote for instead of having to pay for advertising their names and messages.

King Solomon

Wealth makes many friends, but he poor is separated from his neighbor (Proverb 19:4) is

Now there lived in that city a man poor but wise, and he saved the city by his wisdom. But nobody remembered that poor man. (Ecclesiastes 9:15)

Idiom – it pays to advertise

Advertising is advantageous (by bringing more attention, money, business, etc.) to whatever is being promoted.

What’s My Point?

Over 5.6 billion dollars was spent in the 2020 election in the Nation.

My point a lot more money could help the needy if is instead of public and privates’ donations to pay for advertising candidates, the money was donated to help the poor in need.

I instead of the need by politicians to advertise their names in an election because it pays to advertise, whether a product or a candidate, In the 2020 election.

In My Opinion,

Every type of advertising during election years should be offered to the public for a set limited time and provided free to the public by radio and TV debates between the candidates.

The reason it would be wiser to require debates is so voters can judge the debate content instead of having to listen to a deluge of advertisements which are intended mainly for voters to recognize candidates’ names, rather than plans, qualifications, and accomplishments while in public or private management position.

Government should require radio and TV producers to provide time free in order to obtain an FCC license to use airwaves.

In other words, as the proverb states, the wealthy has an advantage over the poor to influence voters because it pays to advertise.  The balance is not in favor of the poor man’s name ever being remembered both in ancient times and in our contemporary times.

If Interested

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You Decide

Is the USA present election system proven over time to have provided the means for the poor wise man an opportunity to save the city?

For example, the State of Illinois has the largest taxes, State Debt, and convictions rates of governors in the Nation. Is it time for a change in the way we voters be given an opportunity to select wiser manager, both wealthy and poor to “Save the City, State, or Nation?

Source Links

Chicago Tribune April 21, 2021

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