From which death should government protect the innocent??

The Chicago Tribune article titled: Too much cash a temptation, Marijuana Shop robberies killings drive a renewed push for Federal Banking Reforms, reported a statement by a legislator:

“Some of the businesses have tried to hire guards, only to find that security companies are completely booked, he said.

“Espino said he’s pushing for state lawmakers to give tax credits to cannabis stores that have to shell out money for security.”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient wisdom verse to this conundrum.

In other words, now that robbers are targeting pot stores because they know they have cash, should the federal Government make pot legal in all 50 States even though the Federal Government Health Agency knows what is being sold will likely cause health issues for the users?

King Solomon

Rescue those who are unjustly sentenced to die; save them as they stagger to their death (Proverb 24:11)


That are in present danger of death or destruction. He enforces, in these verses, the necessity of giving our assistance toward the rescue of innocent persons, when their lives are in danger, either by counselling them, or petitioning others in their behalf, or by doing anything in our power for their deliverance. (Bible hub Benson Commentary)

What’s My Point?

It is wise and holy to rescue the innocent store clerks’ sellers of pot form danger of theft.

The conundrum to discern is to what is being sold by the sellers of pot is known to be a dangerous substance is dangerous to the health of the buyers, should we question the wisdom of the government managers of a country that results in:” security companies are completely booked?”

In My Opinion

I believe USA innocent citizens and voters need to rescue themselves from the present legislators managing our Nation who ion my opinion their running our country crime and drug issues can be related to the following idiom,

Idiom – be on the wrong track

Meaning – To be progressing in a way that will likely fail or be unsuccessful.

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