Which government ban over time will prevent less doom for the Pot Conundrum next generation?

I read a post titled: Lets Doom the Next Generation, contained this statement

“Anyone who mentioned the harmful side effects of smoking would be accused of hate speech. Kids would be told that the anti-smoking people are oppressive and not to be trusted. Studies that link smoking to health problems would be censored in all forms of media.’

The Chicago Tribune opinion article titled: A Ban on Menthol Cigarettes? It’s about time, contained this statement

“A ban on sales of what we know to be dangerous products is not a perfect solution. But, after years of mounting tobacco-related illnesses and deaths, it moves us in the right direction. When cigarettes are outlawed, for example, it’s harder for me to fall back into my old unhealthy habit.?”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient wisdom verse to this conundrum of government banning menthol cigarettes while at the same time selling recreational marijuana products to smoke.

King Solomon

A wise man’s heart inclines to the right, but the heart of a fool to the left. Even as the fool walks along the road, his sense is lacking, and he shows everyone that he is a fool.(Ecclesiastes 10:2-3)

What’s My Point?

Two Federal Government agency funded by taxpayers’ dollars to report health hazards to citizens warn of the health hazards of smoking pot.

Now Government Leaders are considering banning menthol flavored cigarettes by sellers while at the same time sell another product with the same health hazards for smokers.

My point is does this make any sense, and is fate or prophesy that the same Political Party that promoted government to sell pot was identifies as the hearts on the Left 3000 years ago.

Add that the writer also states “when cigarettes are outlawed it makes it harder for him to fall back back to his unhealthy habits”.  Does using his logic appear to make left government leaders who promoted legalizing sales of recreational marijuana to imply the left leaning government leaders, by making it more easy and available in communities to obtain recreational pot to smoke,, seem to fit the proverb description of King Solomon’s Verse are fools  on this issue because “that the heart of a fool leans to the left?”

In My Opinion

I have written numerous posts that the only thing accomplished by legalizing recreational marijuana products mainly ingested by smoking is that it increased the number of users to be introduced to an unhealthy habit that will serve to “doom the next generation.”

If interested

Read the Source Links below

You Decide

Should the USA Senate pass the House of Representatives Bill to allow all Federal restrictions of State Governments who ban the use be overruled by the present left now in power in the House.

Should voters who vote for left government leaders also imply the same King Solomon proverb description?

Regards and goodwill blogging

Source Links

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Chicago Tribune – MSN Article – A Ban on Menthol Cigarettes? It’s about time


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