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On Mother’s Day, what else besides flowers should we give our Moms?

We should give her special recognition and thanks  for her very special role in our lives. This role is in  addition,  according to a King Solomon Proverb, to the other millions of things a mother does for us.

King Solomon

Listen, my son, to your father’s instruction and do not forsake your mother’s teaching. (Proverb 1-8)

The home is a primary educational agency, and it is there that the foundation of civilized behavior and general excellence are laid. The son who learns from his parents is already beginning to lose his rawness and to present a pleasing presence to the world. Parental instruction embellishes and adorns and promotes an attractiveness of manner and bearing.

 “They (father and mother) are a becoming wreath or your head, and a necklace for (daughters) for your throat.” (Proverbs Mc Kane)

Why a Wreath or Necklace?

Ask yourself this question. Has your mother ever taught you to be bad or foolish?  It is because of a mothers wise teaching you to be good and wise, that  a wreath or necklace may be placed on you.

While some bad men or women in history have had ornaments placed on them in their lives, the adornments cannot compare in real value to what a mother will teach in her home to her child.

The only wreath or necklace of real value (Spiritual) will be the ones you wear for the good things you have done in your life  on Judgement Day.

In My Opinion

Sometimes we tend to overlook the wisdom of our mothers and focus on a mother’s love. Give Mom special thanks for her teaching you to be good on Mother’s Day.  Be wise and you will bring her joy instead of subjecting her to this proverb.

A wise son brings joy to his father, but a foolish son brings grief to his mother. (Proverbs 1:10)

Flowers Bring Joy, and…..

Yes, your flowers will make mom happy on Mother’s Day. However, the flowers you give her will not last as long as her joy, pride, and satisfaction in her life by her witnessing you following her wise teachings to be good, rather than foolish in your life.

Regards, goodwill blogging, and Happy Mother’s Day.

(Original Post 5?11/2019)