Which pollical Party supports and promotes abortion rights which if discerned, serve to be racial “murder” or “eugenics” to their most loyal supporters?

The Chicago Tribune articles today contain numerous reports on the various perspectives of abortion.

One article titled: Why … and how…. We need to talk about racial disparities in abortion rates, states

“As a Black person, I appreciate the scholars’ concern. But before we point fingers of shame and blame at the women, I think we need to know more about why they made the choice they made.”

“There are 23.8 abortions per 1000 Black women compared 6.6 per 1000 White women.”

“Thomas argued referencing old racist movements to ‘improve’ the country by reducing the nonwhite population.”

“It is in the states’ “compelling interest in preventing abortion from becoming a tool of modern-day eugenics,” Thomas argued, referencing old racist movements to “improve” the country by reducing the nonwhite population.”

“In the current unfolding environment, there may be no better metric for the value of Black lives

Another Chicago Tribune article titled: Rolling back abortion rights? America, you’re breaking my heart, contained these statements”

“Women who cannot make their own decisions about whether or not to have babies are enslaved because the state claims ownership of their bodies and the right to dictate the use to which their bodies must be put”.

“Let us not forget that other part of this pregnancy equation: men. I know most Christians believe in immaculate conception, but in the real world where we all reside, it takes two to conceive a baby. Where are the increased penalties for failure to provide child support? Why do women descend into penury while the “fathers” remain unscathed?”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient wisdom verse to this conundrum.

King Solomon

To understand a proverb and an enigma, The words of the wise and their riddles. (Proverb 1:6)

What’s My Point?

There are numerous opinions on the issue of abortion reasons to discern how to reduce the number occurring in the USA and world for either religious or secular beliefs.

However, the reality is according to the statistics, more Black women than White women choose abortion which results in less children being born to Black women than White women.

The Democrat Party supports abortion has been in power for two years and has done nothing “to reduce abortions through treating the mother’s welfare as much as the unborn child, Other than to support abortion as a Right for women.

My point is many women belief abortion is a form of murder for moral reasons taught to them in life which means women cannot obtain enough voter power among themselves to obtain political support to “to reduce abortions through treating the mother’s welfare as much as the unborn child.  

And requiring taxpayers to support a child born and raised to maturity will promote more dependence on government social services, the enigma of reducing abortions by social subsidies to mothers needs to include making the fathers pay instead of taxpayers.

In My Opinion

In an earlier post the same Chicago Tribune Columnist made this following statement;

State powers to pass laws believe will benefit their communities by “it’s harder for me to fall back into my old unhealthy habit?”

In my opinion, passing State laws to promote abortion, and passing laws to prevent teaching of religious based morals in public schools, are the two core issues for all politicians to discern about the issue of abortion.

And the sooner voters make wiser choices of who to vote for in the upcoming election, the sooner the issue of abortion as being a Right or a Murder or will be discerned and acted upon to aid mothers needs instead of their Rights.

If Interested

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You Decide

Which Political Party is promoting abortion to become a tool of modern-day eugenics of Blacks or serving to enslave them???

Regards and goodwill blogging

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