Are news sources hesitant to provide information about persons charged or convicted of crimes in the USA because of fear of Defamation of Character, or Violations of Rights of Privacy on a simple question which may possibly provide a Red Flag clue to the root causes of racial hatred or crime occurring in the USA?

Two Chicago Tribune articles today touch on this conundrum.

The first is titled About Red Flags in Buffalo, which is the issue of how there appears to be a better way to alert government of potential actions similar to the Buffalo Shooter.

The second is titled: Great Replacement theory is pure idiocy. America wouldn’t be America without immigrants, reports the opinion of a writer who states concerns White Supremacy concerns that promote racial hatred in the USA”

“For those who believe in the “great replacement” theory, I can affirm: Yes, we Americans today are going to be replaced with people very different from us. They are called descendants, and they will turn out in such ways that we would barely recognize them.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient wisdom verse to this conundrum of the possibility leading to the root causes of the issue racial hatred, or beliefs in a racial superiority that has been recorded in history for thousands of years, same as crime.

King Solomon

A wise king winnows out the wicked; he drives the threshing wheel over them. (Proverb 20:26)

Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old, they will not turn from it. (Proverb 22:6)

What’s My Point?

The Civil War was fought to end slavery, the belief that a man’s skin color was a sign to indicate that they were not as superior to another person because of race or because they were conquered in a war by a more ‘superior’ numbered, managed, or equipped adversary.

My point is news sources every day keep reporting all the occurrences in our contemporary times about the victims of racial hatred or crime and never seem concerned about the issue that the root cause may be the result of the ancient wisdom proverb that what they are being taught in an early age is lacking what is needed to reduce both racial hatred and crime.

In My Opinion,

If reporters were to provide information what type of schooling those being charged as a result of racial hatred or criminal activities, would the root cause clues be revealed.

And in my opinion, the root cause is that the majority of people charged with hatred and criminal activities have never attend in their youth being taught religious beliefs in depth in their youth.

While at the same time, parents who can no longer afford to pay two tuitions, one to fund public secular schools for their entire lifetime, and one to fund a private resinous school during their children’s most vulnerable and impressionable times in life.

While at the same time most politicians send their children as well as 40 percent of public-school teachers do because they believe in the above proverb and are economically capable to pay two tuitions or willing to personally make sacrifices according to their religious beliefs.

In other words, if news sources would report what type of school a child attended, would it become apparent in time, that the majority of people charged with crimes lacked in the youth the be trained so as to “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old, they will not turn from it.”

In my opinion, I read article about news reporters being subject to defamation suits but nothing was explained why reporting the type of schooling would be considered either deflationary or be considered as being in violation off Rights to privacy.

If Interested

Read the Source Links below.

You Decide

Would this type of information lead to the root cause clue in our contemporary times why there is still racial hatred and rising crime?

If so, and since the Supreme Court in 2020 ruled that State laws enacted shortly after the Civil War which prevented States from using taxpayers’ funds was unconstitutional and that if voters elect legislators to support school choice or school vouchers would pass laws that, if found to be a potential “Red Flag” to lead to the root causes of people being charged with crimes, can be remedied by teaching them religious beliefs in addition to secular laws.

Do we need this information to help our legislators to discern in a wise manner and make decisions in order to winnow out the root causes of these issues being reported daily in the news in the USA?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

Source Links

Chicago Tribune May 19, 2022 – – NY Daily News Editorial – NBC News – Red Flags’

Great Replacement Theory

Defamation Article

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