Which words are wiser and/or more effective to use to communicate to politicians who refuse to listen or compromise on divisive political issues?

I read a blog post titled: Vitriol, which contained these three statements:

“Long ago, perhaps just somewhere over the rainbow in my imagination, vitriol was socially frowned upon so we avoided it in public discourse “

“Our words matter, they set the tone for our families, for our relationships, for our public discourse, for our entire nation.”

“Your drug of choice, the way you avoid any critical thinking and the risk of human relating, is by using endless vitriol against those who trigger you.”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate ancient wisdom verses to this conundrum which is in effect performing in a similar manner as a drug to prevent political agendas from compromising on vitriol issues in the news.

King Solomon

Proverbs 16:24 Kind words are like honey sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.  

Proverb 15:1 A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.

What’s My Point?

The USA has a drug addiction problem with both drug addicts and politicians.

For example, drugs are mind altering substances drug addicts become addicted in the pursuit of pleasure.

There are also proven scientific studies of how minds can be set in a similar way as drugs such as A perceptual set, mental set, motivational set, rigidity set, etc. Etc.

When a person mind is set, it can be compared in a sense to be altered, unable to hear or listen, discern, even comatose to bring about compromise which is basically the reason we vote for legislators to represent our interests in a Democrat Republic.

My point is wisdom advises us to use kind words bring about healthy solutions but if our legislature is in a drugged set state on issues and vitriol words only produce hatred, instead of compromise, what is the only wise alternative for voters in a Democrat Republic to do?

In My Opinion,

Both political parties are to blame for the present divisiveness preventing compromise in the USA.

For example,

Why should an 18-year-old need to purchase an automatic weapon when most psychologists agree that youths’ minds don’t mature until 21. If an 18-year-old feels the need to possess an automatic weapon before 21, he can enlist in the armed forces and be trained who the enemy really is and supervised how and when to use the weapon. Even the Marines are not allowed to readily access an automatic weapon in their barracks.

As for drugs, in a previous post, I gave an opinion that the 50-year war on drugs has been lost. The wisest course for the USA is to supply drugs free to drug addicts who will agree to be treated to reduce the number of drug addicts committing crimes to feed their addictions.

In other words, same as kind words we need kind actions to heal our Nation instead of the vitriol we are now reading and hearing ever day in the news.

While neither of the above two compromises will totally eliminate the issues from ever occurring, in my opinion, it can serve to reduce the occurrences which is basically what compromise words is supposed to do as opposed to vitriol brings about hatred

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You Decide

Should you listen to the words of the legislators who we choose to vote to discern if he or she is wise or foolish statements in a similar drugged psychosocial set mind based on his inability to compromise on divisive issues while serving in public offices?

Regards and goodwill blogging’

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