Interested in clues in the news to discern what type of wisdom or folly seeds are being double planted in Illinois?

The Chicago Tribune news article titled: Illinois set to more than double the marijuana shops after getting court clearance, reported this statement:

“Today marks the beginning of the next chapter of the most equitable adult use cannabis program in the country.  Governor J.B Pritzker said.”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate ancient wisdom verses, a Robert Lewis Stevenson poem, and a Bible verse to this conundrum for interested readers to discern what is being doubled to plant and bloom in the probable future in Illinois.

King Solomon

Since no one knows the future, who can tell someone else what is to come? ((Ecclesiastes 8:7)

The way of fools seems right to them, but the wise listen to advice. (Proverb 12:15)

Robert Lewis Stevenson

……. each day…
…by the Harvest…
……. you Reap…

………. but by…
……. the Seeds.
………. that you.
…………. Plant…

What’s My Point?

Crime statistics in the USA state that the majority of criminal acts are the direct results of recreational drug users need to pay for drugs to feed their drug addictions or habits.

The present Illinois governor in his first term has succeed to accomplish passage of legislation to sell and distribute legally recreational marijuana.

Supposedly, to end criminals from profiting from illegal sales and to fund Chicago public schools.

My point is to relate the truth of what was seeded in llanos by the Governor statement of what is the “next chapter result of adult use of cannabis in this country,”.

For Example

The original referendum question presented to Illinois voters asked if they would approve the sale of recreational marijuana in Illinois to fund schools.

After approval, only 5 percent of the States profits were allocated to the schools.

The original argument of the legislators who supported the Bill stated that it would illuminate illegal drug sales and profits to criminals.

After approval the Chicago Tribune reported that sales of legal recreational marijuana topped 2 billion dollars …each…for both legal and illegal sellers.

And because anything government becomes involved in winds up costing more, many users l switch to the illegal sellers who sell drugs cheaper than legal sellers who have to add taxes, same as cigarettes.

Or in other words, all legal marijuana has accomplished in Illinois was to introduce more buyers to use for recreational purposes a drug which the CDC and FDA has warned will affect mind altering behaviors and if smoked and ingested into lungs will result in a higher risk of cancer same as cigarettes’ which supposedly was to end illegal drug sales and profits from criminals.

As for adult use only, does anyone believe that having legal marijuana available is going to make it easier for juveniles not to also have greater access, same as what has been experience with alcohol being sold to juveniles illegally by older peers or adults.

Fatal car accidents statistics have risen in Illinois as opponents warned would occur.

Add that the CDC and FDA both state that a significate percentage of recreational marijuana users are subsepta le to bridge to become drug addicts of other more potent drugs such as fentanyl, cocaine, opium, eats.

In other words, what the governor of Illinois has planted in Illinois during his term is to provide the seeds for more folly to bloom in the future of Illinois because far too many young people have never taught wisdom believe if something is legal it is okay to use, even though the USA government health agency warn them not to use.


If Interested

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You Decide

While King Solomon proverbial advice advised that no one knows the future, he also advised the following Bible verse of what can occur in a Nation of leaders who never have been taught in depth the Wisdom and Love disciplines and weaning’s in the Bible, or for example this following verse.

“You have kept the statutes of Omari and all the practices of Ahab’s house; you have followed their counsel. Therefore, I will make you a desolation, and your inhabitants an object of contempt; you will bear the scorn of the nations.” (Micah 6:15)

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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