Interested in knowing why the major news sources do not report the record number of hit and run accidents are occurring in Chicago and across the Nation?

The Chicago Tribune article titled: This Shouldn’t Have Happened, reports the family hopes driver will come forward reported a hit run death of their eleven-year-old son.

An NBC article titled: Chicago seeing an alarming spike in hit and run crashes, City Data Shows, reported a statement by the victim:

“Four months later, the family says they still know virtually nothing about what happened”.

“I don’t know what the truth is, but that’s what I want to know,” 

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient wisdom verse to this conundrum.

King Solomon

An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips. (Proverb 24:26)


“An answer that is fair and suitable to the circumstances is as pleasant and assuring to the bearers as a kiss on the lips. “

What’s My Point?

For some reason, it seems the major news sources, the police reports, the judges’ reports are kept secret about the truth of the root cause of what is occurring in Chicago as well as the rest of the Nation.

My point in selecting this proverb to relate truths a kiss on the lips is to wonder why the truth of this issue is perhaps because of politicians, higher ups fear that if told, that voters would demand changes in governing from the present path of folly occurring in the USA.

In My Opinion

If we read the article in the Source Links below, and/or google questions on hit run statistics occurring in USA, we will obtain numbers articles from lawyers advertising for victims to seek their professional counsel for victims involved in accidents occurring. Reasons of texting while driving, alcohol. drivers high on alcohol or drugs, etc. , will be mentioned. However few articles will mention causes for drivers being high on marijuana or other recreational drugs.

If w discerns the recent events of all crime statistics, there is a direct correlation to activists demands for less police interference in their lives, which has resulted in less pro-active policing which in truthful results in police to be reactive after a crime has been committed.

If we discern that most major news sources report crime but never the motives or the truth that most criminals are high on drugs when they commit crimes, perhaps we should consider that not much has changed since the 1863 Mark Twain observation about news sources.

“If you don’t read the news, you are uniformed. If you read the news you are misinformed.”

In other words, what we hear and read is everything but the truth of the root causes of crimes, including hit and run. Instead of the truth which even in ancient times was a problem that ribs of King Solomon related to bring about the same pleasures of a kiss on lips.

If Interested

Read the Source Links below

You Decide

In two previous posts I related the issue that the truth is 85 percent of criminals are high on drugs when the commit crimes. And the main motive is to buy drugs for illegal sources to feed their drug addiction needs from drug cartels, organized gangs or criminals to profit.

I also mentioned the increase of fatal auto accidents which most police warned would occur but was ignored by legislators’ passing Bills to approve recreational marijuana in their States supposedly to end profits of illegal sellers.

Statistics already show that all they accomplished was to increase the number of users who after becoming acquainted with the pleasures produced by a mind-altering drug, same as a kiss on the lips.

And although it is scientifically proven that smoking marijuana, same as cigarettes is going to lead them users to health problems in their future according to Government FDA and CDC public Agencies advice not to use.

 Is there legislature in the USA, either incompetent to discern the truth that the 50-year-old USA war on drugs is a failure and in need of change?

Or is there any truth about a conspicuity of higher up who are preventing the truth because they are profiting from drug and own all the major news sources?

Is the truth the reason hit and run drivers either have no insurance, are high on drugs, or alcohol, or have no drivers’ licenses, or have no fear to drive around because they know they can do because of the lack of proactive policing being allowed by the higher ups in government positions who were voted into power by uniformed or misinformed voters.

Regards and good will blogging.

Source Links

Chicago Tribune June 18, 2022

NBC – Hit and Run Alarming Increase

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