When is it wise to change or turn direction when reality of the path you choose leads to a dead-end or abject failure?

I read a blog post written by a blogger who chose the name insanitybbytes22 for her blog post titled: Your Insane, in which she commented the following opinion:

“I’m living in a world plumb full of addiction, and telling me it’s a legit disease and calling it a mental health disorder, doesn’t make coping with the violence, unpredictability, and crime any easier. Let’s stop cherry coating it, addiction just stinks. It is ugly, destructive, and it kills.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient wisdom verse to this blogger’s comments and statement about the abject failure of the USA war on drugs.

King Solomon. “

If thou see the oppression of the poor, and violent perverting of judgment and justice in a province, marvel not at the matter: for he that is higher than the highest regarded; and there be higher than they. (Ecclesiastes 5:8

What’s My Point?

Or in other words, the only common certainty everyone in life will experience after being born is they will die. Some will be killed or make foolish choices t which in effect lead to their deaths sooner than average lifespans.

 Others will by chance or luck in life become victims of the pandemic similar to Covid which reached a one million deaths recently in the USA spending in spite of the USA spending over a trillion dollars tin hopes to prevent or treat the victims.

Similar to the war on drugs which the USA declared 50 years ago, yet more people have died from drugs than Covid in the USA..

Add the incalculable amounts of dollars funding the war costs for policing and arrests, jail, and/or treatment of drug addicts, the numbers of both users and drug overdoses statistics continue to rise in the USA.

Many believe that the reasons why relate to higher ups and criminals who are somehow profiting from the war on drugs in a similar way arms manufactures profit during wars

Add that even the “higher ups of local communities in of States that approved laws to legalize recreational marijuana are now supposedly profiting on drugs which other government agencies studies warn are dangerous to health and will lead to early deaths.

Add that family members of drug addicts in a sense become victims similar as war victims.

Add that studies made of criminal’s state than 80 percent of all criminal motives are brought about when drug addicts commit the crimes to feed their addictions or were high on drugs when they committed a crime.

Add that many believe traffic deaths are increasing because drivers on drugs.

My point is both the ‘higher ups in both government and private industries, and voters need to discern the truth is the war on drugs is abject failure.

In My Opinion

The USA needs to change course of the present path of war on drugs same as when we pulled out of Vietnam, Afghanistan, etc., and other wars when it became apparent that all our efforts resulted in was an abject failure and waste of treasures along with the lives of both heroes and victims of wars.

The USA should make available the addictive drugs to any drug addict who agrees to accept outpatient treatment and advice from government to reduce the need to commit crimes to feed their drug addictions.

For drug addicts who refuse to help themselves end their addictions, they need to be jailed to prevent them from criminal acts to feed their habits to reduce crime.

While incarcerated, receive drugs and mental health counseling and treatment and learn a skill by being made to work in jail to produce products to pay for their incarceration costs.

For readers who may be concerned about costs and logic,  consider that Drugs over time have killed or affected more people than Covid where the USA spent trillions to combat. And if in the future, as drug addicts commit less crime to feed the additions, the costs expended by policing drug dealers and addicts will decrease to justify the costs in the future…

In a previous post, I compared the present USA course or path we are on to what China experienced to overcome their Opium wars that led to additions of even greater numbers of addicts Ove time who according to the above wisdom verse serve to oppress not only the poor but millions of innocent victims of crimes related to drugs in the USA?

If Interested

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You Decide

Do you believe there is a conspiracy by higher ups that has resulted in allowing the drugs to continue to flow into the USA by drug cartels?

Is the path the USA presently on similar to what China experiences int their history?

If so, how long and how many more victims of families of drug addicts, or crimes motivated for drugs, and deaths will be in the immediate future unless we change the present ‘insane; paths on what to do about recreational drugs in the USA?

Is it time for the USA to wise up and change paths instead of promoting recreational drugs to profit criminal organizations, gangs, drug cartels, and now even State government to profit at the expense of innocent victims?

Regards and goodwill blogging

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