Is there any truth or is it a lie that crime is causing merchants to close stores in Chicago?

The Chicago Tribune article titled: Alderman call hearing on grocery store closings, report a for food store closures, reported for the first time the following reason why stores close on the South Side in Chicago in this following statement

“It’s about discrimination, “or is the real truth in this statement” Aldi has cited “repeated burglaries” and declining sales as its rationale for closing the Auburn Gresham store.

On Thursday, Moore slammed Aldi’s crime rationale for the closure.

“I’d like for lies to be cleared up,” 

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient wisdom verse to this conundrum and for Chicago Alderman to discern a proposal by an alderman who want all Chicagoans to pay to subsidize stores losses caused by criminals.

King Solomon

Discerning truth from lies (good and evil) is a primary reason for Biblical understanding. Solomon became king of Israel after his father, David, died. He recognized that he was young and lacked understanding. Therefore, he prayed to God asking to be given understanding. And the reason, so he would be able to discern between good and evil.

So, give Your servant an understanding heart to judge Your people to discern between good and evil. (1 Kings 3:9)

What’s My Point?

A little over one hundred years ago almost all Chicago stores paid a fee to organized criminals to protect them for theft.

Since everyone feared the consequences that if they stole from a store who paid for protection from criminals, the merchants charge high cost to their customers to pay for criminal to protect them same as now is essential the same as paying taxes to government.

And criminals feared becoming a witness against a criminal organization knew there would be consequences for either themselves or their family if they stole from a merchant protected by organized criminals.

My point is it appears we may be wiser to pay organized crime to reduce came instead of instead of paying taxes to fund Chicago Alderman, and thousands of police man employed by the city.

In My Opinion,

To my knowledge, Aldi’s is the first store that gave a reason for leaving was related to thefts. Most other stores that closed never mention anything about theft, only mainly they are losing money on their investments to try to accommodate persons living on the South side needs for stores to be close to where they live instead of having to drive or bus long distances to obtain food or retail items.

Other stores avoid any mention of losses from thefts when they close down for fear it will imply the implication that their reason is based on fear of racial discrimination might result in activists’ boycotts against the merchants.

While fear has been used since ancient times to reduce crime. In our contemporty times teaching youths understanding religious Commandment of God not to steal is waning because private religious school closings in most neighbors cannot be subsidized by other parishes in more affluent areas. And that is because poor and middle-class parents can no longer afford to send their children to private religious schools to be taught in depth about God same as most politicians do and forty percent of public-school teacher do,

Perhaps instead, we need to somehow teach understanding of three alternative methods to instill fear used it ancient times.

One fear of a painful corporal punishment by lawful means.

Two teaching the Bible beliefs of Wisdom and Love. Fear off God’s judgement upon death and Love for fellow humans instead of robbing them to feed drug addictions to profit to pay for their priorities to obtain comfort, entertainment or pleasures in life.

Three was fear of organized criminals of their consequences severe beatings or being murdered for anyone who robbed a store that paid organized criminals for fees for protections which Chicago has world recognition of Al Capone’s methods.

Alderman Lopez recommendation to make all merchants who sell products in Chicago to pay a similar fee to their customers by making them pay higher prices to subsidize merchants’ losses in high crime areas.

If we discern his recommendation, it is similar to organized crime methods and communism used by China used on merchants who mandated if any merchant wanted to sell their products in the China market, they had to make the products in China.

And when taxpayers subsidize the costs for crimes being committed in Chicago, we need to discern if the leaders managing the city need to change and find new ways in Chicago if they do not want to emulate the methods already being used to by organized crime used such as selling marijuana to profit or authorize gambling, and now being proposed to profit from abortion seekers to travel to Illinois.

In other words, perhaps there is a correlation that liberal practice of governing is inefficient because what is occurring is the lack of fear by criminals is the root cause of high crime in certain areas managed by Democrat leaders in government.

For example, the police are no longer for the most part feared because even if they arrest a criminal, they will be freed for long periods and the result is no witnesses will testify against them for reason of fear.

Most Democrat leaders do not support school choice or school vouchers and the result is poor and middle-class families cannot afford to send their children to private schools to be taught in depth to understand how fear of God leads to love in their lives same as most politiacians now do in Chiacao and 40 percent of public-school teachers.

Which leads us to discern, would it be a better alternative for Chicaoo to do what past Presidents have done to control a more orderly flow of materials from boycotts of dockworkers. What they did is to in effect enlist the help of organized crime leaders to prevent dockworkers from strikes  for fear of severe beatinss or being killed.

Or in other words, perhaps we all should discern that perhaps our present leaders’ methods are ineffective compared to criminal organized gangs because no one fears breaking laws or even have any reservations or remorse for shooting someone because they never were taught morality or fear of God when they attended a public secular school.

If Interested

Read the “Source Links below which includes a previous post which I surmised King Solomon explained to the Queen of Sheba why fear of God or fear of corporal punishment was his choice of governing his Kingdom.

You Decide

If after reading, are our present leaders in need of wisdom how or what to do to reduce crime.

If so, so we vote them out of office in the November election or enlist the aid of criminals organized crime?

Or should we vote for communist type of governing instead of a Democrat Republic to reduce because their methods of fear are more effective to reduce crime in their countries?

Should Alderman Lopez discern that his proposal is a form of Communism methods which many people are now fleeing from to enter the USA. For example, many Cubans are fleeing from Cuba to enter the USA southern borders, which similarly many merchants and significant numbers Illinois are fleeing to other States because of criminal and high taxes?

Or perhaps, should any store in a high crime area in Chicago not have to pay any taxes to Chicago and instead pay criminal gangs instead as a form of subsidy for stores not to have to close?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

Source Links

Chicago Tribune June 25, 2022

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