Did the Supreme Court decision breach neutrality when it ruled in favor of the coach fired for kneeling on field enhance or endanger freedom?

The Chicago Tribune Opinion article titled: The Supreme Court has abandoned religious neutrality, reported the writer’s opinion

“The First Amendment was supposed to ensure official neutrality on matters of faith. This Supreme Court, however, is happy to see the government doing work that should be left to pastors.”

The Seattle Times Excerpt

“The court ruled that the coach, who prayed with his players and other students on the field, could legally do so under his First Amendment rights to free speech and free exercise of religion, a decision with sweeping implications for the separation of church and state.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient wisdom verse and definitions of neutrality for interested readers to discern what is the difference in taking a knee to protest vs taking a knee to pray in public view.

King Solomon

“and yet he will be punished if he follows it, for his perverted conscience may arise from his desertion of God, and his refusal of the light He offered. “

Neutrality Definition – Merriam Webster

 the quality or state of being neutral especially: refusal to take part in a war between other powers The country adopted an official policy of neutrality.


“But as the Rehnquist Court noted on numerous occasions, and did so in Mueller, the definition of neutrality depends largely on perception —”

Perception Definition – Merriam Websters

1a: a result of perceiving : OBSERVATION

b: a mental image: CONCEPT

Meaning of the Scales of Justice?

“The scales of justice are a symbol used in many Western presentations of modern law. They symbolize the idea of the fair distribution of law, with no influence of bias, privilege or corruption.”

What’s My Point?

The writer columnist used the word neutrality was violated by the Supreme Court when in fact the Supreme Court is not supposed to be neutral because “neutrality depends largely on perception.”

In My Opinion

If we consider as examples in recent news that kneeling on a football field during the National Anthem or flag burning of the American ruling is based on freedom of speech in the First Amendmendment, the Supreme Court seems to have ruled evenly for the Kennedy ruling reasoning.

However, many seem to believe the Supreme Court errored in their rulings because they have perceptions the Court must be neutral instead of issues be evenly weighted on scales to balance with the Constitution and laws, they

And in my opinion, if we discern the history of the USA Court rulings which were based on bias against religion, especially on preventing pubic funded taxpayer from being given the freedom of school choice or school vouchers. Thankfully these State laws and courts have finally ruled unconstitutional in 2020 by the Supreme Court.

In other words, the scales on secular vs religious values have weight in favor of secular because of opinions that are biased in the belief that religion is a threat to freedom when in fact religion has served since the beginning of the USA, to unite rather divide our Nation.

If interested,

Read the Source Links below and a previous post on the perceptions people have about Religion in public secular schools. Based on secular perceptions and opinions.

You Decide

Did Should the Supreme Court make decisions on neutrality based on perceptions.

Are Christianity beliefs harmful or are we perceiving an actual observation or concept of harm about biased religion perceptions of the writer.

Were the writers’ opinions on the Supreme Court neutrality a wrong path because if believed is an example of this proverb. “: There is a way which see meth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death. (Of our Nation)”

Regards and goodwill blogging

Source Links

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Seattle News Excerpt


MTSU – First Amendment Neutrality Religion


Scales of Justice Meaning

The scales of justice are a symbol used in many Western presentations of modern law. They symbolize the idea of the fair distribution of law, with no influence of bias, privilege or corruption.

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