Are major news sources and politicians in a conspiracy, or lack wisdom to discern, or have psychological set on causes fueling guns carnage of innocent victims by possibly both the Uvalde and Highland Park shooters?

The Chicago Tribune news articles today contain numerous articles that give clues that politicians and news media seem unable to grasp, or are purposely avoiding which are integral to what is fueling the USA gun carnage.

For example, a liberalist columnist article titled: After the shootings, partisan media offer dubious comfort, basically discounted the Fox News reports about shooters being on drugs and ended with his liberal psychological y set opinion,We still have too many guns getting into the wrong hands.”

While the columnist is in reality stating the truth that guns legally made available in spite of all the laws with innumerable loopholes, or never pursued by authorities, we know for certain by admission by the Highland Park shooter that he was high on drugs when he carnage innocent victims.

As for the Uvalde shooter, I cannot find any information of his autopsy report of him being on drugs when he shot his grandmother and then crashed his truck enroute to the school.

For some reason the USA has been engaged in a war on drugs mainly entering the USA for our southern borders, yet today drugs are now more available than ever because some States have legalized marijuana which may have been the substance the Highland Park shooter was high on which was also legally obtained, same as the gun used by the shooter.

In other words, either there really is truth believed by many that the real reason the 50-year-old war on drugs has failed is because politicians or higher ups have been profiting on drugs and gun sales in the USA.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb and Source Links for interested readers to discern this conundrum

King Solomon

 A wise king winnows out the wicked; he drives the threshing wheel over them. (Preverb 20:26)

What’s My Point?

Our politicians and news sources are either incapable of discerning the wisdom required to “winnow out” the clues reduce shootings in the USA will require both a reduction of the use and distribution of both drugs and gun in the USA. That is because all the loopholes in the laws and inability to enforce the laws enacted for drugs and guns have in reality failed to reduce the carnage, pain, misery, being inflicted on innocent victims.

In My Opinion,

I was watching a newscast on the Highland Shooter and heard another listener comment that we have to get rid of guns in the USA, which in my opinion is the same psychological set as the liberal minded columnist opinion. Neither mentioned the reality the Highland Park shooter was high on drugs which may have altered his mind to believe he had to shoot innocent victims for whatever he was imagining.

In my opinion, there is either a conspiracy to prevent the public to know the extent of crimes being committed in the USA is being fuel by persons on drugs.

Or our present leaders or higher ups are not wise enough to winnow out how to unleash their minds that the only course to hen gun violence is to somehow revoke the Second Amendment.

When in reality, what is really the answer to this conundrum is a direct correlation of guns and drugs, and lack of education of religious values and morals that allows persons to believe they should kill another and not have any sense of remorse.

If Interested

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You Decide

Why are we unable to discern that there is a direct correlation to guns and drugs when a DuPage Sheriff comments that 80 percent of his inmates have drug or mental issues?

Will politicians and news media ever wake up from their comatose psychological set and wise up and winnow out the realities of causes, guns, drugs, moral education are clues to reducing shootings in USA instead of endless laws with endless loophole?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

Source Links

Chicago Tribune July 10, 2022

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