Are the Highland Park, Uvalde, etc. mass shooters victims of failed masculinity — failed development, failed culture?”

The Chicago Tribune article titled: How can we prevent weaponized loners from striking, contained the following statements:

“Mass shooters are not usually afflicted with genetic mental disorders like schizophrenia, but suffer instead from a more common problem called alienation”

“Conservatives blame mental illness, and liberals blame gun access.”

“High school is a cruel proving ground and gauntlet for young people to find or make their new “family” of peers.”

“Alternately, our cultures of creation and service (e.g., art, sport, religion, activism, etc.), can transform aggression into creativity.”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient wisdom verse to this conundrum.

King Solomon

When pride cometh, then cometh shame: but with the lowly is wisdom. (Proverb 11:2)

Excerpt- Ellicott’s Commentary

Pride, as it is the effect of folly, so it bringeth a man to contempt and destruction, such persons being under the displeasure of God, and disliked by all men.

 But with the lowly is wisdom — Whereby they are kept from those foolish and wicked actions which expose men to shame. The integrity of the upright, &c. — Their sincere obedience to God’s laws; shall guide them — Shall keep them from crooked and dangerous courses, and lead them in a right and safe way. 

But the perverseness of transgressors — Those wicked devices by which they design and expect to secure themselves; shall destroy them — Shall be the very causes of their destruction.

What’s My Point?

The Chicago Tribune article appears to describe the alienation of the young men shooters in the news.

In a society where guns and drugs are now available to be used for the: purposes of transgressors, we have a poisonous combination for the alienated to secure themselves and destroy both them and innocent victims.

My point is when men are not taught in early youth to wisdom and love of God to control pride, , they are in effect being deprived or alienated from the greatest source in history to guide them in a right and safe path in life to prevent them from their own destruction and their victims.

In My Opinion,

Our contemporary methods of teaching youth in public secular schools, that require they face a gauntlet of peers in high schools is a failure.

Add the easy access to the poisonous combination of guns and drugs.

Add the violence they are exposed to on TV and movies, and often a romanticization of drugs and guns that bear no resemblance to reality

In other words, the writer is spot on in his explanations of alienation, but does not include his recommendation of how to prevent alienation in our society.

In my opinion, we need to begin with returning to teaching youth the wisdom and love in the Bible.

As for the youth that missed out in being taught religious values of wisdom and love in their youth, our society will continue to experience the following: “

“But the perverseness of transgressors — Those wicked devices by which they design and expect to secure themselves; shall destroy them — Shall be the very causes of their destruction.”

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