If I had to choose my favorite Solomon Wisdom verses of advice for living, it would be these two.

In my opinion, in today’s busy fast paced time filled with worldly distractions, not many are interested in taking time to read and discern  the ancient wisdom advice of King Solomon.

Both young and old might consider spending time to study ancient advice and morals with lots of do’s and don’ts advice  to be a very dour and boring subject.

Many who read and studied Ecclesiastes consider Solomon’s writings to be a negative dour view of life written by a bitter disappointed old man. However, I consider two verses in Ecclesiastes as my favorite  Wisdom verses.

Favorite because the verses give the best positive advice what to focus on daily as we live and work during our short time in life in accordance with God’s approval and plans.

Ecclesiastes Chapter Nine

  1. Go then, eat your bread in happiness and drink your wine with a cheerful heart: for God has already approved your works.
  2. Let your clothes be white all the time, and let not oil be lacking on your head.…

 In this section, Solomon urges us to make the most of our lives because time and chance can overtake us. In 9:7-10, Solomon unveils five imperatives that advocate living life to the fullest (“go,” “eat,” “drink,” “enjoy,” and “do”). These five imperatives are located in the central part of this chapter and are recorded there to present the central thrust of the chapter: life is short; death is certain; so live in the most meaningful way that you can.

Party while you can (9:7-8). In 9:7 Solomon writes, “Go then, eat your bread in happiness and drink your wine with a cheerful heart; for God has already approved your works.” Solomon says, “Party on down with family and friends, for life is short and then you die.”

Throughout the Scriptures, wine and bread are frequently representative of that which God gives us to comfort and cheer us. Even today they are symbols of the joy of the Lord and His goodness and blessing. Thus, we are to enjoy God’s good gifts and celebrate life with others. So slow down and enjoy a meal with your family and friends.

The reason Solomon gives is that “God has already approved your works.” This means such enjoyment is God’s will for us. This encouraging word does not contradict the fact that we are the stewards of all God entrusts to us. However, it should help us realize that it is not sinful to take pleasure in what God has given us.

Solomon continues in 9:8 by saying, “Let your clothes be white all the time, and let not oil be lacking on your head.” In the Old Testament, births, weddings, and harvest festivals were special occasions and required one to dress up and be fresh. In Solomon’s day, black clothes and ashes on the head were a sign of mourning. Conversely, white clothes and oil  on the head were a sign of rejoicing. “Oil on your head” is the ancient equivalent of deodorant and perfume and cologne, so do yourself and others a favor and use it. Solomon tells us to dress every day as if we’re on the way to a celebration of life. Some would say, “What do I have to rejoice about? I could die any time.” Exactly! That’s a great reason to let every waking moment be a celebration of God’s gift of life. Get dressed. Eat out with a friend. Why? Because you can and because God enjoys your enjoyment. Therefore, “have a blast while you last.”

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Original post 9-18_2017