Which path will voters choose to follow in the upcoming Governor Election? /

The Chicago Tribune reported two political paths for voters to choose their future in the articles titled

The First article is: Chicago’s struggles are many but we can restore it greatness, reported the plans by the Republican Governor Candidate for voters to discern which includes School Choice or School Vouchers instead of taxpayers now paying $ 23,000 per student, compared to half the cost in private  in public secular schools which the present record of 80 percent of the students failing basic math and reading scores, , , compared to approximately half the cost in private religious who on average score higher than public schools.

The Second article is titled: Vulnerable House Democrats see Abortion as the Key Issue, reported essentially the strategy for Democrats to secure votes from suburban woman in the next election because of inflation, crime issues, energy, and open borders polices as a result of Democrats winning the 2020 election.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient wisdom verse and an idiom   to this conundrum along with my opinion why the Illinoi’s Democrats will win again in Illinois because of the simple plans the Democrats use to obtain votes in Illinois.

King Solomon

Benson Commentary

Proverbs 18:21. Life and death are in the power of the tongue — Are brought upon men by the good or bad use of their tongues; and they that love it — Namely, the tongue; that love much talking; shall eat the fruit thereof — Shall receive either good or evil according to the quality of their speeches.

Idiom – a wolf in sheep’s clothing

A person or thing that appears harmless but is actually dangerous or bad.

What’s My Point?

Voters will make a choice which politicians’ tongues “they will eat the fruity of”  that will result in either good or evil consequences of the fruit they chose.

In My Opinion,

The Democrats have a simple plan to obtain votes which has been successful same as in ancient times describe by the idiom about a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Democrat tongues  have succefully convinced poor and drugged members to become dependent on Democrats welfare programs and abortion, while at the same time allow open borders to obtain more voters to replace the children aborted by poor Americans.

As for education, poor people cannot afford to send their children to private religious schools anymore same as most politicians now do. For example Obama and Biden, along with 40 percent of public-school teachers.

Teachers’ unions are big contributors to the Democrat party and the result t is most poor and middle-class families will not have the same choices to choose what school is best for their children, especially to teach the religious beliefs and morals to understand the wisdom and love disciplines in the Bible.

In other words, unmarried women statistically have more abortions and once they become dependent on liberal welfare instituted for single parent families being driven by Democrats, they will vote for the present Democrat Governor instead of the Republican who is proposing the opposite choices or path for a better future.

As for the middle-class pro-abortion women voters, the Democrats will use their tongues to convince them they have a right to choose what the above proverb states.

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Your Decide

Will Illinois voters understand which tongue will lead to a better path to their future when they vote in November?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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Chicago Tribune – Yahoo News August 1, 2022



Idiom Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing



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