Is it possible our Senators totally lack common since, or will do anything to “eat in the morning?”

The Chicago Tribune – AP article titled: States s settle with Postal service, reported an added statement by the Illinois Attorney General:

“Cigarette usage causes significant health concerns and kills hundreds of thousands of American each year…….”

Yet sadly, Illinois and 18 other states legislators passed Bills to allow legalized marijuana to be “smoked” by Americans which the CDC states as follows:

“Smoking marijuana can Couse heart, brain, driving impairment, lung disease, mental health. Marijuana use has also been linked to depression; social anxiety; and thoughts of suicide, suicide attempts, and suicide.”

The CDC also states “that smoking of marijuana on a regular basis can cause heath issues with the heart, brain, driving impairment, lungs, mental health,

The USA Today Opinion article titled: Democrats’ cannabis bill gets it right, reported that after passage of the Bill to mandate Our View: Senate recreational marijuana, “A mandate for research on the consequences of marijuana use on highway safety, and public heath be included in the Bill…………I repeat, after the Bill is passed???????????

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient wisdom verse, an idiom, antonyms of ‘common sense ‘to this conundrum and to wonder if the Senate is aware that the CDC is a government agency which has already researched and reported the above conquests of smoking marijuana on a regular basis.

King Solomon

Woe to thee, O land, when thy king is a child, and thy princes eat in the morning! (Ecclesiastes 10:16)

Idiom cart before the horse, put the- The Free Dictionary

Reverse the proper order of things or event

ANTONYMS FOR common sense – the Free Dictionary










What’s My Point?

Does it make sense to pass a Bill first and Does after the Bill is passed to research again what has already been proven to cause health issues, some even worse than cigarettes caused millions of Americans lung cancer and heart diseases deaths in the past? Especially if another government agency has already researched the issues?

In My Opinion,

There is obviously a big reward for the Senators to pass this Bill or in other words for them to” eat in the morning” more campaign contribution.

I chose the word foolishness from the above list of antonyms, but the word choice of stupidity might be a better choice to describe this issue if we consider that another government agency supposedly charged to inform its citizens of health problems has already done extensive research on this issue.

If this Bill does pass, in my opinion, the ancient phrase “woe to the land” will be in the future perfectly describes this issue which is repeating the same folly which private cigarette sellers in the past. Sellers who profited from addicting millions of Americans, many who as every doctor will agree, lifespans were shortened and died from lung and throat cancers and heart diseases.


Regards and goodwill blogging.

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You Decide

Which antonym word of the opposite of common sences whould you choose to describe the Democrats Bill being proposed in the Senate now being prioritized by Democrat leaders?

If after reading and discerning the opinion of the USA Today, does it make any common sense why the Senate wants to repeat again with smoking marijuana, the same folly experienced from smoking cigarettes?

Are Democrat leaders aware that taxpayers fund the same government CDC research and what they are now proposing by passing the Bill is handing over another plague of folly in a: “Reverse the proper order of things or event, or is the opposite of common sense to put the horse before the cart because it is no simple matter to reverse the damage to health or drug addiction which the CDC research states will occur to a percentage of marijuana users…

Is something lready proven will increase the risk for Americans to treat have to fund medical costs or to incur additional causes and misery from heath issues with the heart, brain, driving impairment, lungs, mental health,

Regards and goodwill blogging.

Source Links

Chicago Tribune

 USA Today


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