Interested in how an airline customer service agent kept her cool while listening to a frustrated airline “fool “passenger who undeservingly dumped his anger “stones “and frustrations on her, which often occurs to many customer agents every day.

The news this summer has often reported airline delays and huge crowds of passengers flying this summer because of pent up demand after being Covid isolated for two years.

After hearing this story, I believe customers who take out their frustrations on customer service agents every day in every industry might want to consider before they unload their anger and frustrations on customer service agents along with some ancient wisdom advice.

King Solomon

A stone is heavy, and the sand weighty; but a fool’s wrath is heavier than them both (Proverb 27:3).


(3) But a fool’s wrath is heavier than them both—i.e., harder to bear. (Comp. Ecclesiasticus 12:15.) The “fool” here (evil) is the headstrong, self-willed person. who has never learned to control himself, but bursts out into the maddest rage when crossed.


A passenger in line listened to an angry passenger checking his bags dump all his anger “stones” on the customer service baggage agent. She listened to his frustrations about dumb airline workers who made a decision to cancel his original flight and all the inconveniences he had waiting in the airport for hours.

The airline agent kept her cool as she listened to his outrage and statements that all airing customer service agents were stupid, etc. etc. etc.

After the angry passenger left, the observer complimented the customer service agent as she checked in his bags and asked her how she managed to keep her cool.

She smiled at him as she replied in a matter-of-fact tone.

“He is flying to New York, but he doesn’t know it, his bags are flying to Dallas.”

In My Opinion

I heard this e story listening to a Cardinal Cupich Sunday sermon on TV on August 7,2022. He also said the airline agent said she smiled and told him she “was just kidding.”

Perhaps though, we should discern the wisdom of this s story the next time we get angry and frustrated, and same as the fool, start dropping our stones on a customer service airline agent after waiting in long lines at the airport and consider whether or not…… she…. “Was just kidding?”

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Source Link Proverb 27:3 Commentary