Are these two Midwest State Legislators subject to this saying for promoting and passing legalization of recreational marijuana laws and ignoring all the warnings which are now surfacing to affect our youth, supposedly, tomorrows future in the USA?

The clues to this conundrum are contained in three articles in today’s Chicago Tribune.

The first is titled: Did legalizing recreational marijuana contribute to raising demand. Either way, that’s the Midwest reality, reported the increase by youth from 29 in 2011 to 43 percent in 2021.

The second is titled: Cruel lessons of the fentanyl epidemic, reported the overdose death of the son of mother who having experienced the reality of her son’s struggle with drugs has become a long-time anti -drug and support advocate.

The third article is titled: Illinois Pot Dispensary licenses want permission to OK to sell ownership sales, reported the plight of Illinois attempt to prevent only big money investors to profit by selling marijuana, the small licrncee holders have problems of obtaining funding and now want to sell their licensesto big money investors.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient Ecclesiastes verse saying in the fictional character Forrest  Gump, portrayal as a mentally challenged individual saying which in my opinion describes the reality of the legislators who supported the Bill ins spite of numerous warnings of what has now become a reality.

King Solomon

Woe to the land whose king was a servant and whose princes feast in the morning. (Ecclesiasts 10:16)

Forrest Gump Saying

Stupid is as Stupid does.

In My Opinion,

I as well as many others over time have witnessed the plight of family and friends who started smoking marijuana and wounded up being a drug addict.

For some reason the USA has lost the war on drugs proclaimed 40 years ago by President Nixon.

And in my opinion, having written numerous blog posts and transmitting my opinions to the leaders in Illinois, same as many others, was ignored, and the future of youth in the USA based on the increases of use will continue to increase the number of persons who the Government Administer CDC Warnings will result in health problems and a significant number of users to digress to more potent drugs such as fentanyl, opium, etc. etc.

Add that two ot the recent mass shooters in the news admitted to being on marijuana when they shot theie victims. And the third shooter shot dead in Texas autopsy report has never been reported to date to my knowledge if he too was on drugs when he murdered the 24 victims.

If Interested

Read the Source Links below and deicide of King Solomon woe to the land ….is reality for the future of USA youth?

You Decide

Wise or Foolish, smart or stupid, the legislatures who promoted and approved the Bill to legalized recreational marijuana.

Should this issue be added to the list of issues in the explanation of the Forest Gump saying

Let’s put ALL of this insanity in one big bucket to finish this today:

All the riots, inflation, elitist hypocrisy, allowing naked men in your daughter’s locker room, the Wok Étards, the economy, gas prices, burning cities, violent crime, gun-grabbing, new anti-science mask mandates: who’d vote for these smug, incompetent, bigoted idiots?

“Stupid is as Stupid does.”

One more thing: “You can’t fix stupid.”

Man, I can’t wait to vote.”

Regards and goodwill blogging.

Source Links

Chicago Tribune August 28, 2022

Stupid is as Stupid Does

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