Is Intrigue the real more truthful reason why the Illinois Democrats cannot find time to meet to approve more State taxes to fund costs to pay for abortions for out of state travelers abortion costs?

The Chicago Tribune article titled: Special legislative session may not happen, reported the following excerpt:

(Abortion) “Advocates have called for the State to help pay….”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb to this conundrum.

King Solomon

He who lays plans to do evil gets the name ‘Intriguer’. (Proverb 24:8)

Definition of intrigue – Merriam Webster

1a: the practice of engaging in secret schemes

b: a secret scheme: MACHINATION

What’s My Point?

Is the truth the session is being delayed because the Democrats in Illinois do not want to mention to taxpayers before the November election, they will have to pay higher taxes to subsidize services for women who travel to Illinois for abortion?

In My Opinion


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You Decide

If you were a politician, would you approve a higher tax just before an election to support a very controversial issue which a previous republican governor lost the last election for approving State funds to approve abortion?

Would a political intrigue, or savvy politician in office, be more truthful word definition of the fit the above word definition of an intriguer?

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Source Links

Chicago Tribune August 31, 2022

Chicago Tribune July 5, 2022

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