Is Government taxation of blue color workers the same type of oligarchy as the “one percenter’s” Berny Sanders is opining we “stand up to?

I read a pm8525 WordPress blog post link titled: US Working Class Must Stand Up to This Nation’s Oligarchs,

I also read a Chicago Tribune article titled: States tap historic surpluses this year for tax cuts rebates, reported:

“Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson described the $500 million package as “a transfer of wealth from the government to the taxpayer” that “could not have come at a more important time.”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient wisdom verse to the issue of inequality of wealth in the USA.

King Solomon

“Obviously, much of this wealth came to him from trade and as gifts like that from the Queen of Sheba (verses 1-2, 10). However, he took advantage of his people to garner a great deal of wealth in the form of high taxes and using resident aliens as forced labor on public works projects (II Chronicles 2:17-188:7-10). After he died, the people sent emissaries to his son Rehoboam to request a lightening of their work and tax burdens, but he rebuffed them, causing Israel’s rebellion under Jeroboam (I Kings 12:1-20; II Chronicles 10). From the biblical perspective, amassing wealth like this is a terrible abuse of power.

What’s My Point?

If we discern this conundrum, both entities are oligarchs creating inequality of wealth in the USA;

That is because both USA; taxation, and amassing wealth, can be related to a “terrible abuse of power” when a nation is in effect “taking advantage of his people to garner a great deal of wealth in the form of high taxes, or profits, and in effect, is similar to “using resident aliens as forced labor on public works projects “

In My Opinion

Far too many families are working two jobs and living from paycheck to paycheck, which if discerned can be described as similar as being “forced laborers “

The USA is in contemporary times the longest surviving Democrat Republic in history not to have experienced failure.

In my opinion, if we continue to accumulate debt, we will repeat the history of what occurred In Israel history after King Solomons In death

If Interested

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You Decide

Is the division in USA Congress along with the present wealth inequality a preview of another failure of a Democrat Republic in the future because of “an abuse of power” in government leadership?

Is it possible that in the future according to the prophesy of the following King Solomon verse proven to be truth based on the recorded history of mankind?

“Then I turned my thoughts to consider wisdom, and also madness and folly. What more can the king’s successor do than what has already been done?” (
Ecclesiastes 2:12)

Would perhaps a crash course in training both the leaders in Congress and school children with proverbial wisdom about excessive use of printing money to pay debts, usury credit cards, along with Bible Wisdom and Love disciplines which might perhaps result in preventing the same repeat “successors” to once again repeat the same follies as in ancient times?

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Source Links

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